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Francisco Saavedra had a hangout. {url}Francisco Saavedra

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Here's what I love about Google+ in general and the Google+ Diet in particular:

Instead of saying, "I'm going to write a blog post now," or "I'm going to send an e-mail" or "I think I'll tweet something" you simply say what you have to say, then decide who you're going to say it to.

If you address it to "Public," it's a blog post.

If you address it to "Your Circles" it's a tweet.

If you address it to your "My Customers" Circle it's a business newsletter.

If you address it to a single person, it can be a letter to your mother.

I'd say this is pretty revolutionary.

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y Picard también XD

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cada vez que veo un trailer de EvE Online me dan ganas de volver a jugarlo, pero después me acuerdo de la realidad y de que los trailers siempre mienten :P

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Una extensión de Chrome para Google+, justo lo que necesitaba

Aparentemente ando en onda con los juegos sandbox... tengo Just Cause 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla y GTAIV en la cola
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