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Problems of Belief Systems  - 
I'm not quite sure where to post this, so here is as good a place as any.
I was wondering what everybody's least favourite argument is?
What is the argument that you can't believe is still being used?

For me, it is the ontological argument. This is because all it does it try to define God into existence, and I find it weird that some people can't see that it doesn't work that way. 
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Does fine tuning prove intelligence? 
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Doesn't the electric universe theory predict that there would be no neutrinos from the sun? Then why are there neutrinos detected? 
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Papers are probably scattered a bit across a few journals like IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science and a few other "friendly" journals. Though there aren't tons, unfortunately, that I'm aware of... I know Don Scott has had a few published here & there... And he has posted a few to his personal website:

I'd also suggest looking up papers by CER Bruce, Hannes Alfvén, Anthony Peratt. Not Electric Universe, per se, but certainly predecessorial and/or Plasma Cosmology (authors of which don't, necessarily, care to identify with the Electric Universe). (Peratt's site, there are a few sections on his published papers there. Though he's distanced himself from the group over the last decade, partly for personal reasons, partly for professional reasons.)
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Thomas Bridgewater

Problems of Belief Systems  - 
So I was wondering how any of you believers got around the problem of non-belief? For any that dont know, the problem of non-belief is the problem that arises from having a loving, omnipotent, omniscient god and there being people who don't believe in it. To be saved from hell or go to heaven, you must at least believe in him. If god is loving, he would want us all to be saved. If god is omniscient, he would know how to convince us. If god is omnipotent, he would be able to save us. The fact then that there are people who do not believe contradicts this god.
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you must repent and be born again.
He does want all saved.
He knows how.
He is able.
no contradiction, but a missing parameter. He allows us to decide, without violating our free will. just because you can, does not mandate that you should.
sincerely, get some help with scripture and most of your silly statements will disappear. 
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Has anybody got a profile to work on android L when it uses an app being open as a trigger?
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+Ryoen Deprouw I know. It seems not able enough for me, but this one bug is basically the most annoying. I can live with clicking the quick toggle though I suppose.
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So I have paid for Fleksy already. This was on my tablet.
When I use it on my phone, it says that the trial will expire soon.
If I go to settings however, whilst it shows the trial ending on the 24th, when I tap it, it does not do anything.

There are several bugs here:

The main one being that I have already paid (possibly twice as I can't remember) and it is still displaying it as a trial. This is most likely due to it being on a different device.

The other being that tapping upgrade in settings does not do anything whereas it should take me to a page to pay. 
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+Fleksy I've tried that. No luck.
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You should implement a small keyboard like swype does for tablets. About a third of the screen across that could be moved. That would be a great addition and is really the only reason I don't use fleksy on my tablet.
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+Thomas Bridgewater I totally agree. I very much like the design and layout of Fleksy on my phone. But a phone layout on a tablet is just not usable.

This is just my opinion, but I think the best option would be to provide a full-screen landscape keyboard whose layout is not unlike that of a desktop, and the ability to toggle a split keyboard and a small floating keyboard with the phone layout. This way you could touch type when it's on a surface, type with your thumbs when its in both hands, or type one-handed, all activities I do frequently with my tablet but for which Fleksy is woefully inadequate. 
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When you select the name of a person to reply to in the popup in google+, it either types right next to the name without a space or you try to enter a space and it enters a full stop and that name no longer tags the person. 
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Thanks +Thomas Bridgewater. We have identified the issue as well and will fix with an upcoming update.
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Have him in circles
154 people
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Is it possible to have more than one extension that affects the top row, like having both editor and the numbers row active?
I feel that, especially with the smaller keyboard sizes, there is room for both.

Also, why only 3 extensions at a time? I'd like to have shortcuts, editor, numbers, invisible, and gif keyboard active all at once. Is it for the memory footprint?

Finally, I was wondering if an extra feature could be added to the editor. It would be handy to be able to tap a button and then drag along the big bar to have it select from where the cursor was to where the cursor ends up. It would be faster than using the native android long-press and drag.
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+Bruno Oliveira That's what I was thinking. I think the last point is available in swiftkey or touchpal? I've used it before at least, and it's a really handy feature. 
Paid option is alright I guess.
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Thomas Bridgewater

Help Requests  - 
Is there a way to set it so that if you get a text from anybody except a specific number, something happens?
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Set up a profile for a text received from that number and then check the invert box to indicate all but that number.
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Thomas Bridgewater

commented on a video on YouTube.
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1. IPhone
2. Android Controller
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Thomas Bridgewater

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I thought you might be interested in this, you're of course free to delete it or ignore it as you see fit:
Physical evidence of the Resurrection
Discovery Channel - Unwrapping The Shroud of Turin New Evidence
Yeshua ha Mashiach, died on the cross for your sins as according to the Scriptures, on the 3rd day He raised again And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom are fallen asleep.After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. And last of all he was seen of Paul also, as of one born out of due time. (Like when I saw Him) If you repent and trust him, you will have eternal life and reign w Him in His Kingdom.
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