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Australian Gifts Online - Gift Ideas to Suit all Occasions and Budgets.
Australian Gifts Online - Gift Ideas to Suit all Occasions and Budgets.


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These pregnancy journals make a great gift idea to take along to a baby shower.
Baby Shower Gift Idea
Baby Shower Gift Idea
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Our massive clearance sale is now on!! Save up to 50% on some products, there is something for everyone.
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Sale Items
Sale Items
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Top 10 Benefits of Body Butter

Body butter is known in the beauty industry for its many uses.  We stock body butter made from natural ingredients from B. Gentle Body Care of Australia. Here are 10 ways you can use body butter the first day you receive your order from Australian Gifts Online:
1. Use body butter on your hands daily for silky smooth skin. 

2. Soften dry patches, such as rough elbows and heels.

3. Nourish your feet after you get out of the shower. 

4. Rub body butter into your cuticles to keep them healthy and prevent cracking.

5. Apply body butter to a cotton pad and remove your makeup easily while conditioning your skin.

6. Moisturise your face with ingredients from nature, not harsh chemicals.

7. Use body butter on your neck and throat area to moisturise these often-neglected areas.

8. Eliminate dry, irritated skin after shaving your legs when you apply body butter.

9. Get rid of chapped lips when you use body butter as a lip balm.

10. Warm the body butter for a gentle, soothing all-over massage.
Now that you know the benefits of body butter, get to know body butter from B. Gentle Body Care of Australia. We offer three delicious-smelling body butter products, all made from natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling nourished and healthy:
Melon Body Butter

Mango and Berry Body Butter

Vanilla Bean Body Butter
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For immediate release
08 July 2014
Australian Gifts Online Announce Long-Awaited Worldwide Shipping Option

Leading gift retailer, Australian Gifts Online, has just announced a brand new worldwide shipping option, so anyone, anywhere can now browse and buy unforgettable gifts for their loved ones. The premium gift website, which stocks thousands of sought-after products from all over the globe, is now shipping packages to worldwide addresses – so whether they’re in Alabama, Australia or Aberdeen, gift-givers can rest assured that the most comprehensive range of inspiring ideas is now available at their fingertips. 

Australian Gifts Online has been primarily focused on providing wonderful gifts to Australian residents for many years – the family-run business has been up and running since 2006 and has despatched thousands of gifts in that time. But now with the expansion into worldwide shipping, anyone can get their hands on the carefully sourced gifts with just a few clicks of the mouse.  

Known for having a discerning eye for product sourcing, the team at Australian Gifts Online has carefully curated an unmatched selection of gifts and presents for everyone from grandparents to old teachers – and the new worldwide shipping option allows anyone to browse the inimitable collection of present ideas for special occasions and simply to say hi.

A spokesperson for Australian Gifts Online says, “We’re thrilled to be offering worldwide shipping at last – we’ve had regular contact over the past couple of years from people in a multitude of far-flung destinations, wanting to know whether we ship certain special gifts to their location. It’s with great pride that we can now answer ‘yes’ to all of these requests. Whether you’re buying someone a special birthday gift or welcoming a baby into the world with a sentimental present, we can deliver your order right to your door.”

The site itself is renowned for its staggering range of products, which makes it a one-stop-shop for all gift needs, whether you’re in Texas or Tel Aviv. Need to buy a colleague a retirement present? The team at Australian Gifts Online have it covered. Stuck when looking for a gift for a sister or wife? Australian Gifts Online can offer all the gift inspiration you need until you find that perfect present. The constantly changing collection means there’s always something new to be found at the gift retailer – and the new worldwide shipping option means never having to miss out on a unique and rare gift! 

Shipping costs for those in Australia are $8.95 – a standard flat rate for all delivery addresses within the country. Quotes are available for worldwide shipping, and with customer service and competitive prices at the forefront of the gift site’s ethos, customers can be sure they won’t find a better worldwide gift delivery service for less. 

For more information about the range of gifts and products available, visit

About Australian Gifts Online: A leading online gift store based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australian Gifts Online is a family-run business which has been in operation since 2006. Sourcing unique and exciting products and offering a range of great gift ideas, Australian Gifts Online is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to treat a loved one. 
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How to make Sushi at Home
Want to make sushi at home, and be able to enjoy it as much as you do at your favourite sushi restaurant? To start, it helps to know exactly what sushi is.
Many people incorrectly believe that sushi is a name for raw fish products served in Japan. In fact, it’s actually a combination of sweet vinegar and rice. Raw fish is ‘sashimi’, and whilst most sushi dishes do include sashimi it’s not an essential component – good news for people who don’t like the idea of eating their fish before it’s been baked, boiled or cooked on the barbie!
There are so many different types of sushi you can make, and many are recognisable even if you’ve never tried them before.
Here are a few of the most popular dishes:
• Maki Sushi – This is seafood and rice, wrapped in seaweed (Nori).

• Nigiri Sushi – This is a slice of seafood put over a ball of rice, with a layer of wasabi between.

• Oshi Sushi – Also known as ‘pressed sushi’, with all ingredients pressed into a cube.

• Uramaki Sushi – Inside out sushi. This was created in America – all ingredients are rolled in rice.
The most common and recognisable is Maki Sushi, a firm favourite all over the world.
How do you create sushi? It’s surprisingly easy, though it can take a while to perfect. A few simple pieces of equipment are needed to make a sushi roll properly. You need a sheet of nori (seaweed), rice to spread over the sheet and ingredients (often including sliced fish) to add on top. Then, simply roll the sheet before cutting it to make your bite-sized sushi treats. It sounds easy, but it might be harder than you expect until you’ve tried a few times!
A Sushi Express Starter Kit could be exactly what you need to make the whole process easier, so you can make sushi at home and serve it to your family. It tastes delicious, it’s a healthy treat and it’s fun to make. The kit has almost everything you need to get started, including the Sushi Express frame, ten sheets of Nori, Soy sauce, SunRice sushi rice and a non-stick rice paddle.
The key to your success is the Sushi Express frame itself. Simply place it in the centre of your Nori sheet, add rice, a layer of filling and further rice to finish, put the lid on top of the frame and press down lightly. Lift the frame up, and you’ve got a perfect cuboid of sushi rice. Once that’s done, you can lift the edges of the Nori up to the centre of your rice cuboid one after the other, seal, wait fifteen minutes and slice to suit.
You’ll want to make your favourite Japanese dish whenever you have visitors, or make one roll to eat on your own when everyone else is out shopping. You can also share the joy with a Sushi Express Gift Set which comes with a serving dish, a sauce dish and lacquered chopsticks as well as the Sushi Express frame and non-stick rice paddle. Just add ingredients!
Remember: Sushi dishes don’t have to include raw seafood. Alternative fillings include sweet potato (kumara), avocado, cream cheese, strips of beef and even bacon! Delicious! 

Creating Sushi, Simply
Thanks to chain restaurants like Go Sushi, food that’s been eaten in Japan since as early as the 8th century is now a firm favourite throughout Australian homes. Having your meals delivered by Sushi Train is great fun for all the family, and sushi restaurants offer a relaxed environment to get together with friends. Of course, sushi is a dish that’s just as fun to make and eat at home.
The people at Sushi Express have developed fantastic kits that are available to buy today from Australian Gifts Online. They make sushi simple, with a Sushi Express frame that lets everyone from your aging grandmother to your young son try their hand at preparing healthy food the whole family will love.
There’s a Sushi Express Starter Kit ( that comes with almost everything you need to make your first sushi, including items you can use time and time again, as well as a gift set so that you can give the fun of sushi to someone you love.
The Sushi Express Starter Kit includes sheets of Nori (seafood) and a Sushi Express frame, as well as a non-stick rice paddle, your first supply of sushi rice and some Soy sauce. Just add other ingredients – anything from avocado to beef, or traditional seafood – to make perfect sushi in minutes.
The Sushi Express Gift Set (, comes with all essential tools as well as lacquered chopsticks and a serving dish and sauce dish, to make sushi dining feel completely authentic. It’s a great gift for any age, and something the kids can enjoy since there’s no cooking involved!

Create Perfect Sushi with Australian Gifts Online
On a sunny summer day, there’s nothing better than a visit to your favourite sushi restaurant for a healthy meal that’s delivered fast and can be enjoyed at your pace. 
Making sushi in your own home can be just as fun, though there are certain tools you’ll need before you begin. It’s easy once you know how, but if you’re new to the world of sushi it can be simple from the start with a Sushi Express Starter Kit ( from Australian Gifts Online.
The kit comes with almost everything you’ll need to make sushi in minutes. It has ten sheets of Nori (seafood), a packet of Soy sauce, a non-stick rice paddle, SunRice sushi rice and the Sushi Express frame that makes the whole process simple. It’s foolproof – every member of your family can make sushi quickly and easily, whilst staying completely safe and having loads of fun.
You’ll only need to add the extra ingredients you want in your sushi. Be creative – you don’t have to go for traditional raw fish! You can make vegetarian sushi, or fill it with bacon or BBQ beef. Let the kids choose a filling that’s healthy and delicious, and they’ll even make their own meal!
As well as starter kits, it’s possible to buy a a Sushi Express Gift Set ( that makes a top present for anyone. It has a serving dish, a sauce dish and lacquered chopsticks as well as the essential tools for making sushi at home. Give a friend the gift of sushi, with authentic dishes for a dining experience they’ll want again and again.
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Lunchtime just got more stylish with our newest lunch bags from Built NY. Whether you're packing lunch for work or heading to the beach and need to keep your baby's bottles chilled, these new lunch bags keep their contents nice and cool:


Built NY Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag – Black


Black goes with any outfit and the stylish look of this shoulder lunch bag makes you look like you're carrying a fashionable purse instead of food. The Built NY Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag is made from black neoprene material, the same material wet suits are constructed from. The material is soft, washable and stain resistant. It's also food safe with no PVC, BPA, latex or vinyl. Food will stay cool for up to four hours:  
Built NY Soho Shoulder Lunch Tote – Mini Dot Black & White


If you like to add personality to your wardrobe, this bold, fun black and white mini dot print is for you. Just like the Hobo Shoulder Lunch Bag, the Soho style is made of neoprene material that's washable and stain resistant and is also PVC, BPA and latex free. Put your food inside, zip the bag and the contents will stay chilled for up to four hours, making it ideal for sandwiches, drinks and even baby's milk:


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Think Outside of the Box for Soap

Did you know soap was first manufactured around 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon but the first household synthetic soap was introduced in 1933. Statistics show by the time the average person turns 60, she's spent half a year in the shower getting clean. 

Make getting clean more exciting. These gifts make you think outside of the box for your next soap:

Cupcake Soap
Give yourself a sweet treat with Cupcake Soap. This non-edible soap just looks good enough to eat. It's made by hand to resemble a cupcake and is generally packaged for gift giving:

Building Block Soap
Bath time just got a whole lot more fun for the littlies. Building Block Soap by Donkey Products is a 3-brick package of blue, red and yellow. Kids will love lathering up with this colourful, playful soap and parents can relax knowing it's pH-neutral soap:

Orla Kiely Geranium Collection Soap Bar
Add some essential oils to your bath. Orla Kiely Geranium Collection Soap Bar blends the essential oils of geranium, eucalyptus, clary sage along with coconut oil to hydrate and soften your skin:

Natural Soap by B. Gentle
Delight your skin with the touch of this natural soap from B. Gentle. All-natural ingredients make this soap gentle and smooth for the most sensitive and delicate skin. Available in Mango & Berry, Vanilla Bean and Melon:
Cupcake Soap | Australian Gifts Online
Cupcake Soap                           | Australian Gifts Online
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Check out our new website full of gifts for men
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Sands Alive is the best thing since going to the beach! Instead now you can just bring the beach to you!  So fun to use, Sands Alive! is anti-bacterial and non-toxic, super-easy to mould and shape and can be used over and over again. It's totally addictive for any age!

The sand is soft, light and fluffy  it moves and flows through your hands! Incredibly malleable... apply pressure to easily mould and hold amazing shapes. Suitable for children 3 years and up.
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Top Ten Tips for Sending Gifts to Australia

Check out for the shipping costs. 

As we know Australia is a pretty long way from anywhere! Be sure to check where the supplier is based and make sure they give you an accurate cost for shipping the goods. Most good websites will make it easy to find this information and the costs are gradually coming down. 
Some websites will charge according to the weight of the total order and this means that you may not know the actual cost of the shipping until you get to the checkout stage. At Australian Gifts online we are great belivers in keeping things simple and we just charge a flat rate depending on the destination country.
Find all the info about our shipping costs here.

Does the website offer a Gift Wrapping Service?

Most people who send gifts to Australia are buying for friends or relatives who are celebrating a special occasion. It can seem a little impersonal if you just send an item without it being wrapped. Choose a website that offers gift wrapping with a gift card for an added personal touch. Most good gift websites will offer this service for a small charge and this makes a really big difference to the recipient. 
Find all the details about our gift wrapping service here.

Check the exchange rate

If you are buying gifts for people in Australia and you live in a different country it is always wise to check the cost of the gift in your local currency. Depending on where you are located and the current market situation the exchange rate can make a big difference in the overall cost. Many websites now have the functionality for you to view products in multiple currencies, look for a drop down box which is usually on the top of the page. 

Check reviews of the website

Check for reviews of the website on the internet and on their own site. Naturally the ones on the website will most likely have been added by the business owner but you may find other reviews online that are a little more impartial. Websites such as WOMO are a good place to check reviews of all sorts of businesses.
Check our WOMO profile here and Check recent product reviews here

Delivery times

It is always worth checking how long it will take for your order to be delivered as it can be very frustrating if it takes a long time to arrive. If you are buying a gift for an occasion this is especially important as you do not want it to arrive late.
There are an increasing amount of “drop shipping” websites popping up now and these websites do not actually hold any stock and they rely on their suppliers to ship the goods on their behalf. This added link in the chain can really slow things down and can also lead to issues of items being sold when they are out of stock. 

Variety of products

At times like Christmas it is really useful to find a website where you can buy gifts for everyone. To avoid placing multiple orders and paying lots of postage costs why not buy for the whole family at Australian Gifts Online. Our shipping is free if you spend over $99 and our gift wrapping is only $3.95 for the entire order.

Secure payments

Naturally online security is essential, before buying anything online make sure that the website is secured by a reputable and trusted company like Eway.

Ease of contact

A good way to ensure trust is to check the ease of which you can find the contacts of the people that run the website. Check out the About Us and Contact Us pages and read up a bit about the people that you are buying from. If it is difficult to find information about the owners/operators the website may not be as trustworthy as it should be.
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
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