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Thaddeus Skates on Thin Ice
The mood at the Cloven Hoof had been sombre for days.
Everyone from Thaddeus to Franck, the newly-hired treasure hunter, had been
troubled by disturbing dreams and portents. To make matters worse a freezing,
cloying fog had closed in on the ruined city and ...

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Darkness Falls on Thaddeus
“Come on boy! We
cannot hide like frightened rabbits!” Thaddeus Daemoncall
strode onwards with, Oddleigh thought, an exaggerated air of bravado. They had
both experienced strange dreams the night before – half remembered but somehow
all the more terrifying ...

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Felstatienne Walkways
Just a quick post to show you the  Parisienne Felstatienne walkways I've knocked up with off cuts of MDF and some balsa wood I scavenged from some soft cheese packaging. You'll also notice some large lumps of drybrushed polystyrene. I quickly did these in a...

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Saving 'Buffy' Blowhard
“Mayday! Mayday! This
is flight 5W4Nfzzzzttttkk en-route to Hereffffzzzzzkzzfffzzrodrome. We are
experiencing difficzzzztties and must make a forzzzd landing. Our co-ordinates
are fffffzzzzzzzkkkzzzzkkttzzzkkzzzt” So the next VBCW Big Game ( now under new m...

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No Contest
Merelyth took a deep
breath as her rival stepped into the clearing. Uncomfortably aware of the
increasing redness of her cheeks, she nodded as the would-be apprentice threw
her a feckless grin. For years it had been
assumed that she would be Ajalok the wiza...

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The Vampire Field – A Scenario
FOREWORD Another early Christmas present for you – ideally played
between wizards with a sizeable difference in levels. INTRODUCTION It is said that the two greatest attributes in a wizard are
an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the infinite patience nee...

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The Cell - A Scenario
A few days ago I was enjoying a small dessert, when I
realised that the container it came in could be used as a very easy piece of
scenery. This in turn inspired me to write the following scenario… THE CELL “It was like a huge
glass jar, or an upturned crys...

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Thaddeus Daemoncall’s Field Trip
“Y’know, it’s just
like the old days at the College…” Johannes Oddleigh
looked sideways at his master – it was the first time Thaddeus Daemoncall had
mentioned the College of Magicke since his exile from those hallowed halls. “Er, how d’you mean
master?” “G...

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CSI: Felstat Starring Thaddeus Daemoncall
The devastation was
complete – bodies ripped and twisted lay scattered among the ruins. Limbs,
offal and bones festooned the frozen buildings like some grisly red bunting
for some snowy winter festival. Thaddeus Daemoncall
frowned. He had followed his nemes...

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Herefordshire 1938: The Next Generation!
A few weeks ago I was asked if there was going to be a VBCW Big Game this year. This was my answer: Giles and I have been organising these big games since 2012. While I can't speak for Giles, personally I've decided to take a long break from doing any more....
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