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2728 Martin Way E Olympia, WA 98506
2728 Martin Way EUSWAOlympia98506
Transmission ShopToday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
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AAMCO Transmissions of Olympia is a full-service auto repair and preventive maintenance center. We are automatic and manual transmission experts.
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People talk about oil change, rear brakes, new rotors, brake pads and front and rear
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Jeff Rutherford
reviewed 2 months ago
Last spring I went through an extensive rebuild to include EVERY mechanical aspect of my truck. When we were pricing out rebuilding the transmissions, both my wife and I were calling various places to get prices. When we were finished we compared prices and found that we had both called different Aamco shops. MY wife had gotten a price of $1100 (with $100 off coupon) where as my bid was closer to $1500. I called the shop that she had called (on Martin Way) and inquired as to how they could be sooo much cheaper than one of their other shops and they responded by telling me that they were not technically part of the franchise and therefore were not governed by Aamco's pricing. Long story short we elected to go to them. I dropped the transmission off and went to a job that I had in Coeur d'Alene, Id. I received several calls while there saying that this item or that item was bad. Some items suppedly costing an additional $500. When all was said and done my proce was sitting at $1800. Some of the items that was I being charged for as additional costs were standard replacements at their other shops (i.e. torque converter) When I went to pick up the transmission. The managers were not in. Lots of calls were made to the managers as to how to write it up. I was told that one of the items that was $500 purchase only cost $100 as they bought in quantity (This is BS as there isn't enough purchase power to reduce an item 80% for bulk purchases. They just don't do enough business to justify anything like that. When the gentlemen finished, I was told the computer added an extra charge to the bill and that I would need to contact the manager so that he could fix the issue and refund the money. I had him write on the receipt that I was overcharged $25.00. I contacted the manager the following business day and was told that he would get with the owner to get that refund. Long story short 3 months later I still did not have my refund and so contacted corporate office. I gave them all the information and they said that they would check in to and get back with me. 2 weeks later they responded by telling me that they talked to the shop and they said "blah blah blah" nothing more said on it. I was told that I needed to bring the truck back in to have them look at it in order to start the warranty. We installed it and rear seal leaked, immediately, at the drive shaft. Once the transmission warmed up it would downshift incredibly hard. I was told that this was an issue in which was not covered by the warranty that we received (lifetime with unlimited mileage). Long story short, Rear seal, bushing and pump were bad. One of the vavle springs was installed improperly and very visible once the transmission was back out pan removed. Repairs that SHOULD have been covered under my warranty was another $600 on top of what was paid to them for the initial rebuild. Through all of this, corporate was contacted regarding the issues and the same reply came back stating that they talked to the shop and they said blah blah blah. During these issues I asked if I could take the truck into another shop as this particular office was nearly 60 miles away from me. I was told by corporate that they shop was within a 50 mile radius (by crows flight - not driving) and that I HAD to take it to them. NOT only was this shop incompetent but corporate offered no real attempt to resolve the issues. DO NOT TAKE YOUR TRANSMISSION TO THESE GUYS. I can't express this enough.
• • •
Kyla Siguaw
reviewed 5 months ago
Do NOT buy the groupon deal from AAMCO Olympia. This was the worst experience I have EVER had at a Mechanic shop. I dropped of my vehicle just before 9 am during the week. Was told it would take 4-5 hours to complete the service (rear brake inspection, pad change, rotor resurface and oil change) I had no problem with the timeline as I was told upfront and planned it into my day. Dana called me shortly after dropping it off and told me that I needed new calipers on both front and rear brakes, 4 new rotors and 4 brake pads. Because of the groupon they said they would waive the labor cost but it would be over $800 in parts. I had Dana call my husband. My husband told Dana not to do the breaks and Dana told him my car would be ready in an hour. I showed up at AAMCO expecting that my car would be done shortly and would have the oil changed. I told the lady at the front (same one that checked me in) that I was here for my Dodge Caravan and wanted to let them know I was in the waiting room. I waited for 2 hours and then politely asked how much longer I could expect. Dana wasn't even sure what they were doing on my vehicle, I reminded him and about the discussion with my husband. He still seemed clueless. My husband called to ask him what was taking so long. Dana tried to say that I had just walked in and when I said that was not true that I had checked in over 2 hours ago he told me that I didn't come talk to him and that he had over 5 vans out there. I told him that his front desk person should have come and asked my name then. I ended up leaving at 3 pm with NOTHING done to my car, I expected the oil change only. He then tried to say that I bought the brake service and it came WITH 8 oil changes and I didn't have the break service so he wouldn't honor the oil changes! I left practically in tears after being yelled at in the office. When my husband called to see if I had left I busted into tears. DO NOT GO HERE! While I was there I witnessed another dissatisfied customer and hear him tell 2 other people they needed costly repairs that sounded very similar to what he told me. This place is a SCAM! On the other hand, Groupon was great to work with and gave me credit for my purchase price plus an additional $10. If you did buy this and had a bad experience, don't just be out the money. Call groupon to complain. If enough people complain maybe they will stop offering this groupon.
• • •
Matti Julkunen's profile photo
Matti Julkunen
reviewed 5 months ago
If you want to get ripped off and have your car destroyed then this is the perfect place. I spent $3700+ to get my transmission rebuilt. I went to pick up the car and they tried to send it home with me with the check engine light indicator still on (indicating that there were still serious problems.) They checked the codes again, said they were getting the same codes as they initially got when the car came in. They reset the check engine indicator light and sent us on our way. The light came back on within 3 miles of driving. I returned the car to them immediately. They worked on it for several more days and says that one of the parts they used appeared to be faulty. I picked up the car again. It ran and shifted like crap. I returned it. They said that it was shifting a little rough, but this was to be expected and things would get better. They did not. Three months and less than 2000 miles later, check engine light comes on again. We happened to be within 1/4 mile of Honda dealer and pulled in. They checked the codes. Total failure of the transmission. They estimated that the cost to replace the transmission at the dealership would be $5900. The car is not worth that much. We ended up buying a new car. Got nothing on the trade-in of the old car because it was not running at all. Aamco is a totally unprofessional and unreliable business. They will give you a "lifetime warranty"... after they go make a copy of it on the copy machine. It has no identifying information about the vehicle, the customer, or the work performed on the vehicle. They said I could take this to any Aamco service center in the country if I had problems. What a joke! So, after $3700, hours and hours of dealing with these people, and my car sitting at their shop for several weeks on end... I walk away with absolutely nothing! So, if you take your car to Aamco, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting your car back repaired and running as you would expect it too. I hate the place. I have, and I will continue to tell anyone that has issues with their auto to definitely stay away from Aamco. If you have ever been nervous about getting ripped off by an auto maintenance or repair shop... don't be, these guys are guaranteed to do it to you. Damien and Dana?... Crooks to the core. Just add my review to the many others that also say they absolutely hated their experience with these guys. My fault, I should have researched these guys before I let them touch my car. Hopefully others will not make the same mistake.
• • •
Robby Preble
reviewed 3 months ago
After getting the coupon and then reading some of the reviews I was a bit reluctant but needed the job done and felt it right that I give them a try.....I was GLAD I did......I got the best service. While they could have tried to sell me other stuff they never did as a matter of fact it was MORE of a deal than I bargained for. I would venture to say that the others had some serious issues with their cars and themselves .....the service from the Manager Dana on to the Mechanics was 1st rate. I'll be back there when I'm in need of repairs as I felt they were looking out for their customers. I found nothing shady or suspicious in all the work done and it was all in the open. I can't thank them enough for the service done right. I wonder how those other people are in real life with what they said... If I do find an issue I feel I could bring my truck back without a hassle..It was great to have wonderful service as expected....
• • •
Julia Smith
reviewed 5 months ago
If I could give zero stars I would. I am so upset that I did not look at these reviews earlier. I could have saved so much of my time and money. Like all the previous reviews said (I am not counting the obviously fake ones written by the managers' wives), AAMCO Olympia WILL scam you. There is no doubt about that. I recently had my brakes checked at a more reliable mechanic and they said the front brakes were fine and the rear brakes could use some service, but it was not urgent. I saw the groupon from AAMCO and decided to get brake service done on the rear brakes. When I came to AAMCO, they said both my front and rear brakes were in horrible condition and I urgently needed a $1000 service to fix them. When I declined and asked for them to just do what the groupon entails, Dana refused because he said it was impossible to change the brake pads with the calibers "sticking out", which is total BS. After a very long time of Dana trying to sell me service I didn't need, I just told them outright to not touch my car and I will come and pick it up. So I forfeited the two groupons but I'm glad I did because they probably would have intentionally destroyed my car so that I would be forced to pay thousands of dollars on repairs. I can understand that this is business and they are trying to make money, but do they really need to scam people out of thousands of dollars in order to make a profit?
• • •
Richard Pittman
reviewed 5 months ago
Knew I needed rotors turned, so I used a Groupon deal, and as others have described got a phone call 3 hours later saying I needed new rotors at over $300 because the old ones were too worn. In reality, I put new rotors on and cleaned the calipers myself for 90 bucks and with 45 minutes of work instead, and I'm an amateur. They could have done it for far less than they quoted, and another independent shop (Firestone) measured the rotors and said they were well within Ford specs. Anyway, the free oil change pack that came with it (the hook on the deal) can only be used M-Sa from 8a-9:30am... because no one has a job I guess. It makes the oil changes worthless, and they don't bother to mention that up front. In fact the oil change card they provided after the brake "work" instructs you to call for an appointment, and the Groupon "Fine Print" explicitly says "Appointment Required" , which they will not make, saying you have to get here early on Saturday. Really? So I get out of bed early on Saturday, show up at 8:10am, and was already 7th in line with an hour and a half wait, because only 1 of 6 bays is used to handle oil changes. I mean, why make that a priority when you already got paid for them? Right? I'll take my business elsewhere, and report these clowns to the BBB and Groupon, and any other business review site I can find. These guys are the epitome of scam artists... they should be featured on one of those investigative shows, seriously.
• • •