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Hit ''Share'' in three seconds if you think she's beautiful!! :)
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wow~ looks like a baby !!

wait one sec. is she a baby or barbie ?
that's not beautiful. she's a young girl and all this image says is that women/girls can't be beautiful without being fake. she would be beyond beautiful if she didn't have makeup, and things like this is what is making girls do things like starve themselves, or try to be perfect without being themselves.
she IS beautiful, and she FEELS beautiful. She's just not old enough to have all the emotional hangups that everyone wants to attach to this because of their own insecurity. I have a 4 year old daughter that loves to dress up; not to impress anybody, but because she likes it. If this picture makes you want to starve yourself to fit some image, it's because YOU are an idiot- it has nothing to do with this little girl.
she really cute and looks like a little baby doll
shes so cute! she has like the little duck face going on haha <3
Don't fucking tell me this "like in _ seconds" bullshit has corrupted G+ too!
no like i won't tell bulshit has corrupted G+ too
Way too young to be doing the duck-face thing. Next thing you know, she'll be spray-tanning herself oompaloompa-orange.
Pauvre petite!! Avoir des parents qui jouent encore à la barbie avec leurs enfants....
You gotta be kidding me. You're bringing this "like this share this," bullshit to G+ now?! Gtfoh!!!! Tired of that stupid shit on facebook, leave it the flux off of google!
I agree dont bring the like if crap to G+ . Tired of that crap on facebook.
Ash Sam
Really a Barbie Doll......So Cute..
Yeah, +Daniel Falardeau blame this on capitalism too..... right..... I'd love to hear your line of thought here, I'm sure it is total genius
oh shes so cute she reminds me of a little girl on that show totlers and tiaras
A real baby doll. Keep her safe!?!?!
There's something wrong with her parents.
Looks more like a doll. I always find it creepy when they put makeup on a little kid.
In answer to an earlier post, if she was on toddelerz and tiaras, she would be an abused, spoiled brat with no patience or virtues. Like my sister.........
what people put make up on children.
That is disgusting... Why the can't we let children be children anymore?
that kid is too cute
doesnt anyone think its wrong that a 2 year old (or so) has mascara on?
I agree with Bryon, cute, but beauiful give me a break my grandchildren are beautiul for what they are not what they look like
CUTE but i think the 2 year old girl too younge to ware MASCARA might get SPOTS ...
cute but not the best i dont lik lil girls wit makeup but really cute
shes soooo cute and she looks like a doll
Looks like a doll, but if she’s real, she’s starting too early.
she's so pretty, but a child should never look like a doll
A parent should never try to make their kid look like a doll.
ahhh wat a cute baby i bet she gets from her mother
she's like, what, 2? and she has earrings already! I dont even have any, and im WAY older than 2!
This is what life is like today, some parents rushing their child to grow up instead of letting it happening naturally 
Is this like toddlers in tiaras? It looks like that how the parents dress up their kids
Is she a baby or a barbie? anyway, she is cute and beautiful...
is she wearing mascara? c'mon thats bad
Hit share in three seconds if you think she's ugly o_O
Not only is she wearing makeup, I'm about 80% sure she's making a duck face. Just to make it worse.
awwww so cute but she looks lilke a barbie doll
Why must I hit share in three seconds? Why are average posts taking over what's hot
what the hell is wrong with parents these days. this is a human child not a toy. pull your head out of your ass moms who think this is cute.
Shes so cute she's scary! Little creepy actually
ugly baby.
all about being proud of a child but she's not a chain letter! share in 3 seconds my ass!
i thought this was a doll...who is she?
i think it is scary that someone put mascara on a share - sorry, I don't support the exploitation - she would have been baby doll cute w/out the makeup and huge pierced earrings
Hit share if I think she's beautiful???? is this another version of fb now smh
It's a very cute baby doll....I like to kiss her ...
Parah B
she looks like a doll she is so cute
Did she get stung by a bee?
soooooo cute!! I love her blonde hair and big almond eyes, button nose, round little face, she really looks like a little tinker bell!
Looks like a doll not that way either like a legit barbie doll
Dressing kids up like that really ticks me off. Toddlers in Tiaras hurts to watch.
+Byron Carter , +Alexander Bates , +Brian van Zanden , +Paul Bondar, +Ded Jezter, +Valerie Lemon, +Rachael Poulson ... you seem to be the only few people who see how seriously inappropriate this is!
It's an infant painted up in mascara? What... isn't it bad enough that twenty-somethings are going for _plastic surgery, and the fashion industry dresses up young adults to look like adolescents...?

What the hell was the mother thinking?

This is out and out fodder for the paedophiles out there.
... if people had to take a test and get a licence to bear children ....
<SHEESH> }-(
How exactly is this cute? Looks like a doll. That's just sick! Sick parents! Sick society! SICK OF IT ALL!
who would put makeup on a however old she is
All of you thinking this poor girl looks cute are sick in your mind! Period! Grow up already!
from toddlers and tiaras right?!!! i absolutely adore tht show
but when u thinm about it its kind of trash everyone is beautiful in their own way! makeup just adds to the beauty ( or makes them look like dolls)!

To grow up ... I have a daughter and want her to stay a kid forever lol 
Mec- t
I will prey for that little girl that she has a toddler life with out grown effects!;(
I waited 4 seconds by mistake and didn't want to give the false impression that I thought she was ugly so I didn't share....(anyone else sick of these kinds of posts?)
OP, You're the worst kind of person. 
SHE IS LIKE FIVE! she shouldnt be in make up and crap let her me a little girl :( I feel bad for pageant kids
Oops, I must have logged into Facebook by mistake for THIS to show up on my feed....
hello gorgeous how r uu?u r so u dear.
My granddaughters would put her in her place with a good slapping !.
I think dollying up a little girl is silly ,snobish or sick ,depending on the viewer who could be sick or just depraved !.
she loks like a barbie and if u dont think thats a complement jk
she looks like a doll...but still cute
this lil gurl looks like she could be on toddlers and tiaras.
r u sure shes human? shes like... perfect!
she's beautiful with or without her make up... i hope my little girl will grow just like her... hihihi
How about I don't feed your stupid, superficial egotism by sharing the picture of some fat-faced child I don't even know?

Stop whoring for attention. Go away.
Greg R
Where is her barcode? RFID tag?
She look cute and a little funny!
haha half these people say "aww adorable" the other half say "weird and scary" come on people.. get creative. she is obviously so cute its scary!
Oh, no..not this "Like/Share in 3 seconds" stuff that's polluting Facebook..
She is as ugly as hell
I just saw the first child of Barbie and Ken. Is her name Karbie?
Let children be children, not play things. Was she not beautiful enough before? What are you teaching this child? Think about that for a second. My daughter wont be subjected to this.
More power to you Kyle. This is disgusting.
Hitler probably whacks it to this pic all the time in Hell
What monster did this to a child, what have we turned into, the UN should instantly call an end to Capitalism.
No! This facebook crap of "hit like in 3 seconds" or "share this if..." has spilled onto g+ :(
her eyes look kinda sad she doesnt look like shes having fun!
put that poor child in shorts and a t-shirt let her get all muddied from playing and having fun running on the grass then I'll say she's beautiful...this picture just makes me sad, she doesn't look real or happy and her mother should be hamstrung for putting that beautiful angel through wearing make up, tanning and any other stupidity in the name of "beauty"....PFFFFT
cutiiiee pie. very sweet dolll
blue eyes , wow she is cutie !
Let children be children
This one is 2 years old i guess?
Spray tanned with make-up, go buy a doll and let this child be a child not a reflection of what some parents want out of life
what's next beauty pagents.........
yeah let her be a child all of the pagent thing is the perents dream i feel so sorry for her
Johan R
That's fuqed up...
Jennifer Welp, i dont understand you comment why ridiculous and poor child?
She doesnt look tan.... most lil girls have earrings... da only thing dt looks like dey did is jus put some mascara nd her lips look natural in color nd very well dressed daz all shes very prity nd looks like one of da lil princess in da 12dancing princesess
I now know whom Barbie Doll company is imitating..:)
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