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Jim Munro
Bewildered, but glad to know that...
Bewildered, but glad to know that...

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"Hear me roar."

Maybe we will survive after all.

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Your thoughts?

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SEO: More from +Tim Capper. :)
Can a small local business compete in Google without a website?

In this scenario I look at a local coffee shop in a fair sized town that is not centrally located, but they punching above their weight in search results. #localseo #googlemybusiness

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The average Australian voter must be dumber than a rock, otherwise Pauline Hanson would have been left in the dustbin of history, but surely they are not stupid enough to swallow this nonsense?

What about you? Do you think these Philistines will get away with this heist of our children's future?

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Fish farming cowboys to lose sustainable certification.

Tassal Ltd ordered to destock Franklin Lease in Macquarie Harbour and will lose certification after April.

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A new update from Federico Sasso
[EN] Visual SEO Studio 1.6 - code-name "Fenwick" - is out!

✓ Adds Search Analytics to your data: Clicks, Impressions, CTR and average Position
✓ UX improved.
✓ ...fixes as well.

You can learn more on the "Fenwick" release here:

Download the free Community Edition of Visual SEO Studio for Windows from

Note: Search Analytics integration is available with the Professional Edition. You can try it for free by registering the 30-day Trial version.

#visualseo #seotools #seo

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This is what happens if you trust in the Liberal Party's blind ideology.

"Attempting a night like tonight with only two on shift is sheer lunacy. What happens when there are only two staff?

"Do we need to wait for a mid-air collision or can we deal with this proactively?

"How much blood needs to be on Airservices' hands before we're given appropriate coverage?"

@brilliantmo1 Paul, I am so sorry to miss this one. I will add it to this Thursday's HOA: How to find content specific to your audience?
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