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A user posted the other day a manipulation that I made of Ubuntu logo in a Christmas ball, and they removed it; but this type of posts they keep it, WHAT A FUNNY MODERATION! 
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Jean Lotz

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How do you go from a scan to a clean file that can be manipulated in other software?

Which file type do you save in, why, what's the benefit?

Which software do you use to clean and edit your scans?

Do you bring it into any sculpting software to make significant changes before printing or CNC?

Which programs do you prefer for generating gcode for 3D printing or CNC?
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I use meshlab for cleanup, close holes, remesh if needed. Then ZBrush to add detail or edit. Cura to slice and generate gCode.
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Jean Lotz

Development  - 
What is the current status of Linux speech recognition software? I searched the Web but only found articles dating 2013. What is in active promising development?
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Jean Lotz

Discussion  - 
An overview of Linux Music apps. She wrote a previous article about setting up Linux for music making too. That might be worth looking for. 
Aaron Wolf shares five tools for those looking to get started making music on Linux.
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Jean Lotz

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Here's your primer on the Tangent Normal Brush in Krita!
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Jean Lotz

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Please invite more friends here so we can start good CAM discussions.

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Jean Lotz

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here is the screen I get when I start Windows 10. Ubuntu boot works fine but my daughter wants Windows.

I see the windows logo, then it asks for my password, then I get this screen and the pc is locked. It will sometimes switch to an empty white screen with just a keyboard logo at the bottom, but this is the main screen.
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Here's what I would do...You've got to figure out if its ransomware/virus/rootkit...etc or something legit in the bios. I would try these troubleshooting steps...

Install virtualbox on the linux side, create a raw disk virtual box...( Chapter 9.9. Try to boot to might have to use boot repair to fix the virtualbox to get it to boot. If it boots up with out the warning then most likely windows is fine, which points to the bios. If you see the warning, then windows is toast. Wipe it and start over. If you have files you need to save, put them on a storage device that you don't care that much about, the saved files could be can clean it all later.

If it is the bios try this...

pull out the hard drive and fire up the machine. If you still get the message when entering the bios, then it's definitely a bios thing. If you get no message, it could still be the bios. I would then do this,

reset your bios to all default settings. . If you saw the message without the drive try booting again. See if you get the message. If you still see it, you could try pulling the CMOS battery (look for how-to's on youtube. It's simple)
If you still see it without your drive...then get rid of the computer.

If you see no message...
Connect a different drive and boot, see if the message appears. If no message, then it's something on the drive, if there is a message, then it's still on the Motherboard somewhere.

If you narrowed it down to the drive. Back up important files on a secure external drive with nothing else on it that could be infected. Again, you can clean these files later.

Put your original drive back in.

Reboot, go back into bios make any appropriate changes to boot to a .usb or cd. Use something like DBAN ( to wipe the entire drive, and start over with clean installs of everything.

start with a windows install...keep it small like 40-60 gigs. It'll take forever for windows to install and know, leave it for days to finish.
Once it's done. Install your linux using the partitions the way you would normally do...5 minutes later when linux is installed and updated :) create the virtualbox for the raw partition and you're back in business. You won't need to dualboot anymore either, you can just use linux.

And hopefully that annoying message is gone.

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Jean Lotz

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Help: I have a dual boot PC with Ubuntu and Windows 10. I want to give this to my daughter who primarily uses Windows. When I booted into windows, I found ransomware locking my Windows boot. It still boots fine in linux.

I made a Kaspersky usb drive but it fails to even look at the hardware stating that the primary boot is corrupted.

Do you know of any other way to fix this Windows boot partition off a USB linux boot disk?

Thanks in advance.
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I dont know what happened because getting ransomware is so hard lady try to chat with any Microsoft supporter and they will explain you , a ransomware is not a joke even antivirus es cant remove kt you need a key for encription
Anyway if you try this you will repair the boot partitions on windows but you will loose the grub and maybe you might need to reinstall ubuntu
Ver the Windows iso and put it on a usb then boot it and at the begining select repair computer
Then go to advanced settings > command prompt
And type
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd

If that doesnt works Maybe you might consider to change the hard drive of your computer.... try to use ubuntu to backup any data. :(
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Jean Lotz

Discussion  - 
This situation was brought to my attention just recently after I read the book: A Lotus of Happiness in an Ocean of Tears by X. Priyadarsini. An Indian woman came to our book discussion and verified that this torment exists and is especially cruel to child brides whose husband dies shortly after the wedding.
In India, thousands of widows are abandoned by their families due to superstition
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Removed. A touching story but not relevant to this community.

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Jean Lotz

Discussion  - 
What is the current status of Linux speech recognition software? I searched the Web but only found articles dating 2013. What is in active promising development?

Jean Lotz

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Wow these are beautiful. I don't know how I could eat one!
Is anyone else baking holiday cookies?
#cookies   #christmas   #christmas2015   #foodie   
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Jean Lotz

Discussion  - 
The Blender CAM gallery shows "The very first 4-axis machined item, by +Bernardo Mattiucci" I hope Bernardo will join this community and discuss how he manipulated Blender CAM to come up with the g-code for this feat.
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social media, web design, writing & art - particularly political cartoons.
  • Self
    artist, present
    I enjoy drawing cartoons, line work and painting. I have also enjoyed wood carving in the past. I work part time on a temp basis to help a friend in a legal office as needed if I'm able -- currently setting up quick books for them.
  • AAUW
    Social Media Committee, 2013
    I was the chair of the AAUW Social Media Committee from the start of the AAUW Social Media Task Force, then committee till July 2013. Before this I researched social media platforms (including Second Life) for possible use for AAUW and other nonprofits.
  • Shell Oil Company
    CAD/Oracle programmer, 1980 - 1995
    I worked for the drafting department at Shell as Oracle database software administrator for CAD, user support on IBM mainframe, Unix, VAX, PC, MAC and CAD specialties such as Auto-Trol and MicroStation machines. I also migrated files from a turnkey typesetting system into Auto-Trol so the old system could be retired. In the days of Mac's not talking nice to PC's, a lot of my efforts was finding ways to share files between all these machines from the MAC's which were the odd balls of the whole system.
Basic Information
AAUW advocate for equity and respect for women & girls.
I love art and photography. I'm absolutely nuts about cartoons - especially political & social cartoons.

Some people call me an old hippie because of my strong feminist views and out spoken ways but it is ridiculous to be labelled "radical" for only expecting equity and respect for women and girls today.

I try to be non-partisan and vote independently. I will speak out against those I feel do NOT deserve your vote but I typically do not make endorsements.

I AM NOT PRO-ABORTION, but must be pro-choice. I would prefer women choose life but I accept that only they and their doctors can make this difficult choice.

Please know that there is help when life and kids get too hard --  CALL " 2 1 1 "  FOR HELP.
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I am the past chair of the AAUW Social Media Committee from the conception of the Social Media Task Force through July 2013
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