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Thank you, Google! This is a pleasant surprise which definitely won't go to waste. :D

Edit: So excited, I didn't notice the instructions. Even better! It's a Lego phone dock! Yaaaay!
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Elonka Dunin departed from Simutronics not long ago and is now apart of another company that's going to start developing games under a new studio, Black Gate Games. They forgot to hide their not-all-there-yet website, lol.

Well, dang, I was just given another invite! Just one, though! WHO WANTS IT?

EDIT: Invite taken!

And stop replying with your email address and not claiming the codes right away. I don't care what you do with the phone after you buy it, but only reply with an email address if you're actually committed to buying. /soapbox

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Bumping last message. As of right now, there are TWO (2) invites left from me. Reply with email or chat with me on Hangouts. 14 HOURS LEFT.

EDIT: There is only ONE (1) invite left. 13 HOURS LEFT TO CLAIM IT.
EDIT: Still got one more invite! 10 HOURS LEFT TO CLAIM IT.
EDIT: All out of invites! Thanks for playing! I hope to receive more invites, but I hope more for the pre-order system to be successful without invites.

And to those who didn't bother to claim the codes in a timely manner, better luck next time. :)

I have four invites for the 64GB variant. First come, first served!

Edit: I now have THREE invites for the 64GB variant. PM me via Hangouts chat for an invite link.

Edit: I now have TWO invites for the 64GB variant. 

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Dat ending... 

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Oh my god. 

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Got an invite for a 64GB OnePlus One and decided to buy the phone. Want to use it, but since the specs are several months old now I don't know if I should use it or sell it new and wait for the Nexus 6 announcement. #firstworldproblems
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