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Ribs belong in the smoker, not the oven.

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Not enough words to get my anger across on this one...

I had no idea Paul Walker had dandruff until they found his Head and Shoulders in the glove box...

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We need more protest music like this these days.  Don't judge until you really know what the song is about.  Think about what was going on in L.A. in '92 when it was written.

Anybody know where that poser +Ed M. went?

+Wesley Foll
+mark blasty
+Nancy Clark

First 3 I could think of...

Bring out your dead! Guess what I'm watching +Nancy Clark ! 

To the writers of the finale of #dexter

Fuck you!  Never have I seen such weak writing with so many plot holes in a show.  This is a huge fucking disappointment!

A1, the quickest way to ruin a steak grilled to perfection.


Why hasn't Varg Vikernes visited WBC yet?
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