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What it is tolerance and what it is not!
Tolerance is not a moral precept: It is a peace treaty.

We are brought up to believe that tolerating people is a basic moral good. But this simple approach fails, and can easily be used against us by people who say "Why won't you tolerate my intolerance?" This can happen in everything from our personal lives to the political arena. But it comes from a misunderstanding of what tolerance is.

The way to understand tolerance isn't as a moral absolute: it's as a peace treaty. The difference is that a peace treaty only applies when both sides abide by it.

This is an essay I've had brewing for some time.
The title of this essay should disturb you. We have been brought up to believe that tolerating other people is one of the things you do if…
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oh loco... hyper WTF?
Jump for joy

Dolphins do this.  Why?   Maybe just for fun.  If you've ever seen the amazing games they play with air bubbles, you'll know what I mean.  If you haven't, check this out:

It was one of my most popular posts!

But people actually debate this question.  Here's what they say at Dolphins-World :

Why do dolphins jump out of the water?

There is an ongoing debate about why dolphins jump out of the water.  Scientists think about different reasons for this behavior.

Among them, some think that dolphins jump while traveling to save energy as going through the air consume less energy than going through the water.

Some other think that jumping is to get a better view of distant things, mainly food. So, in this way, dolphins jump to locate food or food related activity like seagulls eating or pelicans hunting.

Other explanation suggest that dolphins use jumping to communicate either with a mate or with another pod.

Some people even think that dolphins jump for cleaning, trying to get rid of parasites while jumping.

Finally some scientists think that they are only having good fun, as playing helps to keep senses at their best.

The idea that this double flip "saves energy" is idiotic.   The other ideas are possible.  But I think it's likely that all sufficiently intelligent life forms do stuff "just for fun".  There are plenty of good biological reasons for this, I think.

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For an average linux user, is it recommendable to install an antivirus and a firewall?

If affirmative which one do you use and why?
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There is no reason NOT to run an AV. What can I say.. it's not IF but WHEN will somebody make a successful attack on Linux platforms. All platforms can be breached so too Linux.
The payload on your system is minimal, for the added security.
I use Sophos AV 
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WOW WOW! just amazing!
Triple Pendulum Control

A few years ago Dr. Tobias Glück from Technische Universität Wien, found that along with his mathematical insights, computers and numerical methods were now fast enough to swing-up and balance a pendulum, on a pendulum, on pendulum on a sliding rail under computer control.

IEEE CSS Video Clip Contest 2014 Submission

Triple Pendulum on a Cart (YT ~1 min.):

The presented work deals with the swing-up of the triple pendulum on a cart. The swing-up maneuver is accomplished within a two-degrees-of-freedom control scheme consisting of a nonlinear feedforward controller and an optimal feedback controller. Based on a precise mathematical model, the feedforward controller was obtained by solving a nonlinear two-point boundary value problem with free parameters. A time-variant Riccati Controller was developed in order to stabilize the system along the nominal trajectory and an Extended Kalman Filter was used to estimate the non-measurable states. The overall control strategy for the swing-up maneuver was successfully implemented and tested on an experimental test bench. Up to the authors’ knowledge, this is the first contribution so far providing numerical and experimental results of the swing-up maneuver for a triple pendulum on a cart.

Paper (open pdf):

Tobias Glück:

Here is an easy to follow and graphic explanation of Kalman filters due to Tim Babb, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is Lighting Optimization Lead for Pixar Animation Studios.

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While digital books have made purchasing easier than ever, the medium has complications!
One Alabama library is demanding jail time for late books. How is this happening in a nation that's reading less and less?
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Wow! (No me esperaba la de los barcos.)
Not what it seems despite the title!
And this is why we must never trust just one source, or first impressions. I remember this photo well, and I have to admit I too fell for the original opinion...
It is a failing of human nature to detest anything that young people do just because older people are not used to it or have trouble…
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A great report from John Oliver on scientific studies, and how they are reported in the mainstream media. He is in fine form with everything from open science and replication studies to TED talks and morning shows
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Richard Feynman's method for understanding science can also be used for detecting pseudoscience.
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