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Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.

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ES Pipe Waterwheel. Miniturbina que acumula luz con tus tuberías.

Ryan Jongwoo Cho ha diseñado el concepto Waterwheel, que tiene la capacidad de convertir las tuberías en un pequeño generador hidroeléctrico. Leer más

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WIRED spoke with IEEE Member Alberto Broggi about the future of cars. He estimated that by 2030 most cars won’t have rearview mirrors or horns, and by 2035 they won’t have steering wheels or brake pedals.

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Interesting. My personal experience of learning French is that the way of spelling gives me a lot of trouble, it becomes much better and easier for me to learn Deutsch.
Having hard time learning a new language?
Well,  stop analyzing too much information at once.

When it comes to learning languages, adults and children have different strengths. Adults excel at absorbing the vocabulary needed to navigate a grocery store or order food in a restaurant, but children have an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle nuances of language that often elude adults. Within months of living in a foreign country, a young child may speak a second language like a native speaker.

Brain structure plays an important role in this “sensitive period” for learning language, which is believed to end around adolescence. The young brain is equipped with neural circuits that can analyze sounds and build a coherent set of rules for constructing words and sentences out of those sounds. Once these language structures are established, it’s difficult to build another one for a new language.

In a new study, a team of neuroscientists and psychologists led by Amy Finn, a postdoc at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, has found evidence for another factor that contributes to adults’ language difficulties: When learning certain elements of language, adults’ more highly developed cognitive skills actually get in the way. The researchers discovered that the harder adults tried to learn an artificial language, the worse they were at deciphering the language’s morphology — the structure and deployment of linguistic units such as root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

“We found that effort helps you in most situations, for things like figuring out what the units of language that you need to know are, and basic ordering of elements. But when trying to learn morphology, at least in this artificial language we created, it’s actually worse when you try,” Finn says.

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Image via Wikipedia Commons

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Is fluoride unfairly maligned? Today's graphic & post examines the evidence on health benefits and risks:

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Nice work !!!
An update to the previous graphic on organic functional groups today, with some additions and refinements to make it a little clearer.

As always, you can download the PDF on the site:

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Yeah ! Science !
Did you know: CERN welcomes more than 1,000 physics teachers to the lab every year.

Advice to teachers: Prepare, visit, follow up.
Find out more [plus video] via:

Image © CERN - for terms of use see

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Lymph vessels and nodes of posterior abdominal wall
I had a post about lymph system a while ago => - so I won't bore you with the details too much.

Let's summarize in a few words:
A lymph node is an oval-shaped organ of the lymphatic system, distributed widely throughout the body including the armpit and stomach and linked by lymphatic vessels. Lymph nodes are major sites of B, T, and other immunity cells. Their function is to filter out all the dead bacteria, viruses, and other dead tissue from the lymphatic fluid and eliminate it from the body. They are packed tightly with the white blood cells called lymphocytes and macrophages.

Lymph nodes also have clinical significance. They become inflamed or enlarged in various infections and diseases which may range from trivial, such as a throat infection, to life-threatening such as cancers. In the latter, the condition of lymph nodes is so significant that it is used for cancer staging, which decides the treatment to be employed, and for determining the prognosis. When swollen, inflamed or enlarged, lymph nodes can be hard, firm or tender.

More about swollen lymph nodes:

Lymphatic vessels are structures of the lymphatic system that transport fluid away from tissues. Lymphatic vessels are similar to blood vessels, but they don't carry blood.

More about lymph vessels:

Image source:

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Happy Birthday Nikola !
Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

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The Earth is not 6,000 or 10,000 years old. It's not. And if that conflicts with your beliefs, I strongly feel you should question your beliefs.

~Bill Nye~
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