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Today, I straw-mulched my garden

-crossing my fingers that it makes a big difference this summer!
May 3, 2012 For several years, Rick has been making deliveries to farmers in the spring. For several years I have been asking him to find me bales of straw for sale. This year -- I got my straw. ...
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I've been using the old straw from our loose stall to sheet-mulch an area in the north field, preparing it for the forthcoming pumpkins and squash and other sprawling crops. I figure by the time the seedlings are ready to transplant, the heavy straw cover will have killed off pretty much everything under it, and all I'll have to do is make a hole in the straw for the seedling.
this is the first time I've tried this. I'm quite excited about reaping the benefits. And next year it should be even better... I hope.
So happy we have harmless and very difficult to find snakes on the island!

Sounds like the straw is a great addition to the garden!
+Debbie Pribele Any mulch is good for reducing weed germination as long as it is a 4" / 112 mm deep layer. Straw is easily digestible and good for feeding the the creatures in and on your ground, but needs to be renewed occasionally.
I like raw wood chips from tree services - we get a lot of wind and they stay in place better than lighter materials. The tree guys will happily dump it wherever I want and it saves them time, money and fuel to drop it locally.
+Raul Colon - thank goodness our snakes are harmless as well (although on occasion (one report in past decade or two) an rattler will make it down this far)
+Mike Taylor hopefully I kept the straw thick enough. I also tried to keep it packed as much as possible, straight from the bale.
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