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De-Rusting the Cast Iron Pot - DAY 4

Today is the day. The Unsinkable Molly Brown, an antique cast iron kettle or bean pot from the 1800's, has been sitting in a solution of feed molasses for the past 4 days. The solution has done its job at removing the layers of rust and today the Molly Brown gets her new coat - a glistening layer of oil, the start of her re-seasoning. 

It has been my morning routine for the past few days to "rise and shine" and "rise up the kettle" and try and get her "to shine" as well. This morning was no exception, knowing that today would be the day of seasoning. But, I won't be doing the seasoning process first thing this morning. I have some chestnuts that have to be roasted in a hot oven and so I'll be doing the kettle and the chestnuts back to back. The chestnuts have to be prepared yet and so Ms Molly has to wait.

But she doesn't have to wait "sunk at the bottom of the sea" (of molasses)! And so I brought her up, cleaned her off, and gave her a wipe-down with some coconut oil. She is looking good! 

Later today she will get another wipe-down and will go into a hot oven, to bake on the oil... but that's another blog. 

For now, let's just enjoy the results of the molasses process. 

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So happy for you, it worked wonderfully. See you on the other side of seasoning. 
almost done!!! I'll be posting soon. 
Thanks for following the process, Ingrid (and everyone else). Greatly appreciated. 
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