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Michael Falk
Programmer. Designer. Musician.
Programmer. Designer. Musician.

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THE HIGGS BOSON IS FOUND! Amazing news! Play along and find the Higgs in the video game Ms. Particle-Man:

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I added two new tracks to my 80s-bit album (NES songs with analog synthesizers): Contra and Rygar.

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CERN announced the discovery of a new particle the other day, conveniently named Xi(b)*, which is a new type of "beauty baryon". Let's celebrate by playing a particle physics themed video game! Ms. Particle-Man is a retro-style arcade game for iOS and the browser.

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And I'm taking requests...

I'm starting to come around to Google+. In addition to allowing you to edit stuff you write, and allowing you to create asymmetric relationships (i.e., "follow" like Twitter), you can also write longer posts, a la LiveJournal or a blog. Granted, Facebook obliquely allows that via the somewhat confusing "Notes" feature, but it feels like an afterthought there as opposed to a primary feature.

Anyway, I'm not personally much of a blogger, but I know quite a few people who do like blogging -- or at least did, and they miss it. Facebook and Twitter came along and kind of coaxed everyone into brevity, but maybe we'll eventually start to see longer social network posts as people come around to G+?
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