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Friends of NASA


Friends of NASA

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Satellite imagery is being used to help save Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s greatest natural wonder.
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Friends of NASA

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We need this badly. A common interest to help us move on and quite this cycle of chaos.
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Friends of NASA

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A little company dreams of replacing rocket power with buoyancy.
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Kool Beans. I wanna do that.
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Friends of NASA

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A European spacecraft is about to make history’s first landing on a comet.
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To build international support for peaceful space exploration and scientific discovery
Friends of NASA (FoN) is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to building international support for peaceful space exploration, commerce, scientific discovery and STEM education.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

Friends of NASA Motto: "For the Benefit of All!"

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program and for aeronautics & aerospace research.

Founded in 2008, Friends of NASA now has over 9500 professional members worldwide and 130,000+ public followers on social media: Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Our multimedia content has received over 50 million views and counting!

Our professional members include NASA, ESA, RKA, CSA, CNES, DLR, DTU Space, ASI, ISA, CNSA, ISRO, JAXA, KARI, SANSA and NASRDA officials, government representatives, engineers, scientists, aviation/aerospace/space professionals, military personnel, business leaders, academics, graduate students, educators, science writers, and concerned private citizens of influence from over 50 countries around the world.

Friends of NASA was founded in 2008 by Executive Director, Dwayne Elliot Lawrence, as a volunteer-operated organization in honor of the 50th anniversary of NASA’s establishment on July 29th, 1958 by President Eisenhower. 

Friends of NASA is headquartered in Montreal, Canada close to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). We work in cooperation with government agencies and non-profit groups, including the Canadian Space Society (CSS), The Planetary Society and Mars Initiative.

Please follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and via the Friends of NASA LinkedIn Group!

We welcome your donation on our website:
We do not receive funding from NASA or the U.S. government.
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