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Mindy Holahan Peters
Virtual assistant to writers. Podcaster. Crafter. Petter of cats.
Virtual assistant to writers. Podcaster. Crafter. Petter of cats.

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For the serious writers in the bunch: my friend +Matthew Gartland has a new podcast called AuthorMBA, about building a business around writing. The first three episodes are excellent, with +Mignon Fogarty (fascinating chat about app development), +Jeff Goins (about building other revenue sources), and +Todd Henry (chat about speaking and consulting, as well as persevering when the work gets hard).

In iTunes:

The direct feed for other podcatchers:

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Super useful tips here—trying my hand at my first Hangout On Air in a few days! :-D
Hangout On Air Q&A app tip sheet

A few weeks ago we announced a new Hangouts On Air app called Q&A ( The Q&A app enhances your broadcast by facilitating audience interaction with the HOA participants.

We've put together a quick tip sheet to help you have the best experience possible. Check it out here:

#hangoutsonair   #hoa   #googpleplushelp  

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I recently started a roundtable podcast for freelancers. We discuss a topic in freelancing with each episode. I'd be interested to know what the issues or topics that concern you most as a freelancer. What do you wish you could ask a group of freelancing buddies?

I so appreciate your input—I want to make sure the things we discuss are useful to other freelancers.

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These interviews are fantastic! I know this will be a good one!
I'm extremely excited to be on #cjLIVE tomorrow with my friend +Chase Jarvis. This event is free and anyone can watch from anywhere. If you're in Seattle, you can join us in studio (10 tickets left, see the link for details).

Whether you're live in person or watching from a distance, we'll be giving away autographed books and a ticket to this year's sold-out World Domination Summit. Hope to "see" many of you there.

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I didn't think Ze Frank could find an animal uglier than the naked mole rat, and yet, here we are...

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I meet so many bloggers who don't understand copyright, so I put together a series defining the basics. Here's part 1/4.

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Coming this fall to a television set near you: +Chris Hardwick + +Comedy Central + +Funny Or Die + Thomas Lennon + Robert Ben Garant!

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This! If you have any interest at all in the debate over drones, you need to understand the whole perspective. Follow Chris Anderson.
LinkedIn asked me to join their Influencers program and write occasional pieces for them.

Here's my first, about how the government's ignorance of how many drones there are today mirrors its ignorance of how many "communications networks" there were when the world's LANs first connected in the early 1990s and created an alternative to the telecommunications networks. 
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