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Rewatching Waterboy...had to be done...

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Just a reminder to anyone in SW Washington...if you feel unsafe due to being targeted by bigots or hate groups I will offer free safety/security/self-defense training or services. Can also offer assessment and patrols of physical locations such as mosques, graveyards, etc.

You don't have to live in fear.

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Seems like it's about time for this again (unfortunately):

If you are in fear for your safety (or the security of your property) due to the current socio-political climate you can contact me for free help.

I will provide site security assessments, safety/security/self defense training, or actual security services as much as I'm able to (I do have some pre-existing responsibilities of course).

I have 24 years experience in security and defense work, as well as extensive education in related fields.

Don't let yourself be injured, or even just bullied, because of race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or anything else. No one has to live like that.

Was just ironic will it be when the thing most likely to successfully resist the probable upcoming violent and immoral acts by the Trump administration are the weapons that his party's political opponents have spent the last decade trying to ban?


I see we're stuck with the vile interface now. 8(

I'm blaming Trump. No, wait...if it'd been Trump it would all be gold, not red. No, fuck it, I'm still blaming him.

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Best thing ever!

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It's not often that someone's death palpably improves the state of the world...but every once in a while... drinks in celebration

I'd just like to take a minute to thank the people that bother to make reasonably valid polling questions. When we take precious minutes from our lives to answer your questions we really DO appreciate you understanding that there are differing views and beliefs. Being given a full array of possible responses not only makes the polling more accurate, it increases the odds that we'll take time to answer you again in the future.

To those that make polls with limited options like "are you a democrat, a republican, or am I hanging up on you", I hope you enjoyed wasting that eleven million dollars and nine months of time for a few hundred workers to learn absolutely nothing while simultaneously pissing off the world.

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