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The Manaiakalani Education Trust - The Manaiakalani Programme won 2 awards in this years 'NZ Innovation Awards' - Innovation in Education, Training and Development; and Excellence in Social Innovation - yay - well done! +Dorothy Burt +Russell Burt +Dave Winter +Fiona Grant +Jenny Oxley

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Exciting to see the new Google Sites in action. I'm hoping they've kept certain features that facilitate the development of effective communities of practice in education...

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My Acer R11 is on the Dev Channel waiting for release this Friday. Can barely contain excitement. Looking forward to learning more about how this will be managed out of GAFE console.

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Great to see a revamp coming for Google Sites. Hopefully will bring desired improvements to the education space, especially for use as e-portfolio tool. Labels, greater control over commenting, ability to post from mobile easily, real-time collaboration, better integration with third-party gadgets etc.

Blogger's widely used for portfolio work, but SItes is a core GAFE app so needs to deliver on this front for schools that choose not to use Blogger in this way. Fingers crossed...

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It's been an exciting ride as part of the team and nice to receive recognition from Google for the work we're doing. Cyclone's supported numerous schools across NZ to roll out Chromebooks successfully; perhaps most notably to the 40+ schools associated with the Manaiakalani Education Trust and their Outreach programme. The Trust's efforts decrease the digital divide for 1000's of young people nationwide. We're proud to be part of that story and consider the benefit to the learners reward enough for our efforts (however the award from Google ain't too shabby either!).

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Looking forward to trying #android apps on the new #AcerR11 #Chromebook. Touchscreen and tablet mode seem smart future-proofing for using#Android apps on #ChromeOS.

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Things to think about when going 1:1 #chromebook.

- Teacher support and professional development, including hands-on time for teachers with Chrome devices.

- Student caring for devices

- An insurance component

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An article outlining a move from iPads to Chromebooks. 

Affordability is a pillar of Chromebooks.  Interesting to note the schools will fund their shift by selling their iPad fleet -- no doubt they'll end up with a much larger number of brand new Chromebooks!

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Yes you can!!

A nice summary to dispel the myth that Chromebooks don't do anything worthwhile unless connected.

Case in point -- try using Screencastify without an internet connection:

Outstanding to have an extension on a Chromebook that allows video and audio capture without an internet connection, then syncs back up once you reconnect.
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