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✔Verified that I know how to paste check marks in my profile...
✔Verified that I know how to paste check marks in my profile...

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Why join a gym for your new year's resolution when you can use the floor you alread own?! 

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Markus Laumann commented on a post on Blogger.
"You are armed, you see another person that is armed. Do you shoot him or don't you? You have to answer this question before he starts shooting other people, or you fail the test." If we followed the "test" above for rape, would an armed rape victim fail because they didn't attack the rapist before they attempted rape?

This is a false dichotomy. I carry but that doesn't make me the "Pre-Crime" division. If I see someone with a gun (or a knife, or NO WEAPON AT ALL), body language is my determining factor. That doesn't determine if I shoot, but how closely I watch the person and whether I leave the area quickly. Honestly, if there is going to be a mass shooting, I will do everything I can to NOT BE THERE even though I have the tools to shoot back.

In my mind, there is no possible solution to remove all danger in the world and that is the problem with this article. Jim Wright is demanding a perfect solution that stops all gun violence otherwise it is unacceptable.

The NRA: His certificate came from the NRA, but not the NRA-ILA, which is the lobbyist branch that Wayne LaPierre is driving to crazy land.

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Want to get your family and friends in to sharpening quickly and easily? Make some of these smaller sharpeners put them into their stockings.

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An honest review? Yes please!

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There are some critical steps you need to take with a new HiPoint to ensure a quality experience...

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For those who say a gun-free environment is a safe environment: 50 dead, 50 injured in a knife attack and the killers are still at large. Banning technology does not change human nature.

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20150910 - Deadlift

Set 1: 225 x 3
Set 2: 225 x 3
Set 3: 275 x 3 (2 overhand, 1 mixed grip)
Set 4: 275 x 1 (hold til grip failure, failed second rep due to grip)
Set 5: 245 x 2 (hold til grip failure)
Set 6: 225 x 4 (hold til grip failure)
Set 7: 205 x 2 (hold til grip failure)

My back is feeling good at these heavier weights so today I started working on my next weakness: grip strength. If anyone has any advice or sources to help with that, I'm open to it.

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Here's what I did for lunch today.
500M Rowing Machine
Duffin's squat/deadlift warmup from youtube:
   1. Hip side-to-side
   2. Rear leg elevated split squat
   3. Hip airplane

Workout in video:
Set 1 - 245lbs x 3
Set 2 - 245lbs x 3
Set 3 - 245lbs x 3
Set 4 - 225lbs x 5
Set 5 - 225lbs x 5
Set 6 - 185lbs x 7
Set 7 - 185lbs x 7

Building core strength with Chris Duffin's videos are paying off. I feel the difference now when I tense up and my lower back is held firm. Another influence I've had is Kelly Starrett and how to stand correctly[1]. The queues for good standing posture are exactly what Chris Duffin says to create a stable squat unrack position (stand tall, draw down, inflate, twist the floor). 

I recommend checking out Kelly's book The Supple Leopard [2], especially if you are stiff from lifting for sports. Just overlook his freakish ankle mobility in his pictures when he's squatting. :)

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