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Joe Forte
Co-owner and Video Production Professional at D-Mak Productions
Co-owner and Video Production Professional at D-Mak Productions

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The Right Way to Use Video for Recruiting New Talent - As one of the most compelling and informative media formats, video is also a preferred recruitment tool. When organizations are looking to hire new employees, they often need to be able to convey the culture, benefits, and goals of their business quickly. Video makes it possible to create an engaging presentation that can be specifically targeted to a core demographic of employees. Here are some of the ways that the largest and most successful companies are currently using video to recruit new talent.

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3 Game-Changing Business Growth Hacks You Need To Try In 2017 - Just like we need oxygen to survive, businesses need growth to thrive. When your business stops growing, it's time to either pronounce it dead or start implementing the best business growth hacks you can find. Read more...

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Why A Video Landing Page Can Fetch You More Conversions - The use of a video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. Nevertheless some organizations may shy away from the process of constructing a video landing page because they aren’t certain where they should get started. Video can greatly improve the effectiveness of any landing page — and it isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem. There are some very substantial reasons why a business should invest in deploying video throughout their site, especially at the beginning of the sales funnel.

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10 Things You Must Know Before Cold-Pitching Big Publications - In this article, guest author Alex has laid out the 10-step process that has helped him get published on Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, The Next Web, Elite Daily and many more.

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How to Effectively Use Video for Your Customer’s Buying Journey - Your customers need to trust you before they’re going to invest in your product. And that takes time. The process of building a solid customer relationship is a lengthy but rewarding one. Most customers aren’t going to make a big purchase the first time they hear about your company. Instead, they’re going to want to learn about your products, your company culture, and your brand identity. Ultimately, this means that they are going to need to connect and engage with your company multiple times in a meaningful way. Video can help.

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What are local citations? - You may have heard of local seo citations - this article breaks down what they are and why they are important for local SEO success?

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4 Powerful Ways To Use The Art of Storytelling - People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.

In that quote (often attributed to Carl Buechner) is the truth about the art of storytelling. Touching people’s hearts is at the centre of engagement. Read more...

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How to use the buyer’s journey as a roadmap for content marketing via +Wordtracker - To be successful in your content marketing and CRO efforts, you need to create content that speaks to your consumer at each stage of their purchase journey. In this post, we'll show you how to do exactly that. 

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How to Use Video in Email Marketing - In terms of ROI, video marketing and email marketing are two of the most effective forms of digital marketing available. But how can they be blended into a single marketing approach? Video marketing and email marketing can be highly effective when used together, but because of their formats, some care needs to be taken. Blending video and marketing requires an in-depth understanding of why each marketing approach is so successful — and the demographic that it most appeals to.

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The Top Social Media Trends In 2017 (And How They Can Help You) - or your digital marketing strategy to be successful, you need to keep an eye on popular social media trends. Social media has become the perfect environment for people to communicate with brands and companies, and ask questions in a convenient way.

However, it’s not enough to simply be present on social media to succeed. The environment is highly competitive. It’s crucial to stay one step ahead of your opponents by keeping up to date with trends. This article reveals a list of current trends for Facebook and Instagram, and how you can capitalize on each of them...

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