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Software for Structural Engineers
Software for Structural Engineers


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Foundation Design: See how to define a wall footing model in S-FOUNDATION

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Foundation Design: Lean how to configure your foundation model's unit systems and modeling grid layout.

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Free Webinar: Reduce Modeling Time with the new DXF Import Tool in S-FRAME R11

Friday July 25th,  2014 

Importing DXF data into your S-FRAME analysis projects can reduce modeling time and eliminate errors by avoiding the need to recreate the structural geometry from scratch.

The new DXF Import Tool in S-FRAME R11 is a powerful and versatile tool, complete with a visualization window to help you control how and what part of the DXF model is imported.

Join us for this technical webinar to learn how to:
  • Use the DXF tool to import 2D and 3D models into S-FRAME R11
  • Pre-assign sections, materials, thickness or other properties to DXF layers
  • Organize your import layers into S-FRAME model group folders
  • Easily convert DXF lines and polygons to S-FRAME members and panels
  • Control unit system mapping between models and joint tolerance checks
This technical webinar is the quickest way to get up to speed with this powerful, time-saving model import tool.

Register now and don't miss out.

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S-FRAME Software is in Calgary this week! Stop by our booth at the 9th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges for a live demo of the latest tools, including moving loads, hysteretic material models, displacement capacity results, staged construction, true cable members, time-dependent loads, and free vibration analysis.

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Join us for a free webinar on Friday, June 6th on Semi-Rigid Connections

Semi-Rigid Connections offer numerous advantages to structural designs, including lighter beams, simpler connections, and increased lateral stiffness. S-FRAME Analysis R11's Partial Release tool can easily and accurately model semi-rigid connections without adding additional complexity to the analysis and design process.
Join us for this technical webinar to learn about the S-FRAME R11 Partial Release tool, its theory and application, and how to use it to model various semi-rigid connection types: end-plate, tee-stub, web-angle and more.

#structuralanalysis  #structuraldesign #connections #steel #concrete #webinar  

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See how the Member End Release tool is used to define full or partial releases in S-FRAME Analysis structural models.

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Technical Webinar: Understand your Structure’s Strength and Stability During and After Construction with S-FRAME R11’s Staged Construction Capability

Register Here:

Structural analysis is typically simplified to ignore the effects of loading until the structure is completely finished. In reality, the loading present on a structure under construction is often not negligible. By conducting a staged construction analysis, you can achieve two important objectives:
1.      Ensure the structure has sufficient strength and stability at each stage of construction.
2.      Reliably account for the construction's impact on the final structural performance.

Join us to learn more about how to use R11’s staged construction capability to improve your designs by gaining a better understanding of the structure’s strength and stability during and after construction.

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S-FRAME User Conference just announced in Halifax next month. 

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014.

Technical demos, workshop, Q&A, a presentation from our CEO, Dr. Marinos Stylianou, draw prizes and free lunch!

Register now and don't miss out. 
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