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An album that I shared on Picasa earlier in the week seems to have been shared on my G+ account today, at a time when I was nowhere near a computer.  More strangely, the only text associated with the post is the email address of a friend of my mother in law.  It appears on my account as if I posted it myself on my page, but I don't recall doing that actively.  I only realized something had been posted when I started getting Gmail notifications that people were commenting on "my" post - someone even thanked me for "sharing" the album with her, via Facebook.  What's going on here?  

Screenshot of the post below.  The images are of my recently deceased husband, so it's nothing I mind being out there, but I am disturbed that something I posted to Picasa might be posted to G+ - but on a delay, and without informing me that it would crosspost.
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