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Brandy Bruce
Mom, wife, editor, writer/author, lover of all things dessert.
Mom, wife, editor, writer/author, lover of all things dessert.

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Making Summer Memories
Loveys, it's cloudy here and I'm on my second cup of coffee. We've got family in town visiting and the Jeffster has taken them white water rafting at the moment, so I'm just here with the kids, hoping everyone stays in the raft and there are no unexpected s...

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Best Friends and Books
Loveys, I just got back from Texas. My BFF since forever had surgery so I took a quick trip to be with her. I had to post this picture because Michelle gave me this T-shirt in honor of The Last Summer ! (Texas, y'all!)  I love it so much. Gillian and I were...

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Goodbyes and Fresh Tears
  Loveys, my grandma passed away. We'd been to Texas recently to see her because we knew she was ill, but I think we all felt she'd have a bit more time.   But then Jesus called her and she went.   It was the most emotional weekend I've had in a long time. ...

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The Last Summer Book Launch Party!
Loveys, yesterday afternoon I told the Jeffster, "This is my last party ever. If I mention another one, tell me I can't do it." He laughed. Then he said, "Bran, I don't have that much power." I was smack-dab in the middle of prepping for my book launch part...

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Four Days from Release Date for The Last Summer!
Loveys, I can hardly believe we're almost there. The release date for The Last Summer is around the corner. Yesterday I wrote a blog post, talking about the origins for the story and the very cool link from the character names with my kids' names, hop over ...

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Mother's Day Weekend
Loveys, how was Mother's Day? My weekend was full and crazy in the very best of ways. Beginning with a quick trip to Virginia with my sweet friend Tammy. The kind of trip where you leave around three o'clock in the morning and travel all over the United Sta...

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Faith, Food, and Fiction! The Romano Family Collection
Loveys, it's here! The Romano Family Collection is finally live on I'm so excited. Special thanks to my sweet friend Meghan Gorecki for her work creating this yummy cover! The truth is that when you pour yourself into your writing, you grow real...

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Emotional Spills and One Hundred Hangers
Loveys, I got crazy this weekend and wanted to do some spring cleaning. This was brought on, in part, by the Jeffster making not-positive comments about our closet. But regardless, I've known for a while that our closet really needs attention. But spring cl...

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It Takes Time
Loveys, how are you? So the blog has a fresh new look and I hope you like it! Springtime makes me feel like changing things up a bit! This has been a fun week for all things Chosen . That's the book my sister and I worked on together for years , and has fin...

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When Moms Get Sick on Women's Day
Loveys, I have been knocked down by a cold recently. It's basically the flu, but thankfully I had the flu shot so that seemed to curb the worst of it. (I escaped the fever and aches but my head has been a fuzzy cloud and the congestion is killer.) I'm on da...
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