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Usenet network is a part of history of electrnic communication!
Usenet network is a part of history of electrnic communication!

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Game of Thrones Breaks The Download Records Just in Few Days

The last season of popular TV series „Game of Thrones“ breaks all records according to download statistic of Usenet, BitTorrent and other Peer-2-Peer networks. Yesterday the second episode of the fourth season was released and was available for download in just few hours after release.

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Best Rated and Most Popular Binary Newsreaders for Usenet Newsgroups

If you are new to Usenet and not sure which Newsreader is the best for you, then check out our list of most popular and best rated clients. The list below contains Top 5 free and commercial software, many of them provide unique features.

To choose a good Usenet client is as much important as to choose the best Usenet provider. The software should be easy to use, provide all useful features to manage the binaries, have a nice design and work without bugs. This was our main goal while testing of different newsreaders from the list.

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What are Back-End Providers and Their Difference to Usenet Resellers

For today, there are more than 100 Usenet access providers out there. All providers have pretty websites, various premium packages and make affiliation for offered retention, servers, infrastructure etc. But there is one main difference between all them - the majority are Usenet resellers for big server farms and only some are Back-End providers.

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Discount Tips: Get 15% Discount on All Packages of ExtremeUsenet.NL

Usenet provider is a popular provider located in Netherlands. You can get 900 days of retention, access to 150.000 newsgroups and you can await 99.7 percent completion on their servers. ExtremeUsenet offers SSL encrypted downloading, European servers and a speed up to 200 Mbit per second.

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Top 5 VPN Services That Take Privacy Seriously

If you use Usenet, Bittorrent or any other P2P network for file-sharing, you require to use a VPN secured connection. Only in this way you can stay anonymously and protect your connection against monitoring. Today, there are dozen of different VPN providers on the market - not all are good and take their job seriously. We’ve created a short list of best VPN services, where we are sure that according to their policies you are safe.

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The Unique Tool to Download Files From Usenet Online without Additional Software

We’ve discovered today a tool named NZBLord - easy online service to download real content from Usenet network through Nzb file. Let’s go though all features of this Nzb downloader.

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German Court Forces UseNext to Prevent Copyright Infringement

The society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights (GEMA) reports a legal victory over one of the popular German Usenet providers UseNext. The court’s decision is explained as a legal demand to prevent copyright infringement for songs of artists having contract with GEMA. In other case the provider will take the full responsibility for the damage.

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List of Top 25 Usenet Newsgroups Sorted by Amount of Uploaded Files

If you use Usenet to download files then you know that the whole network is divided into text and binary newsgroups. The text groups contain only messages without attached files. BiNZB indexes only groups with binary attachments and provides easy search through them as also provides download of Nzb files.

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Astraweb Review - Simple NNTP Access to Usenet Network

Astraweb is a Usenet back-end provider that became very popular in last 16 years in business. The company provides classical NNTP access - after payment user gets access details to the server. Thousands of Usenet fans love this provider because of it’s high quality of Usenet experience for good price. Today, Astraweb is the main competitor of Giganews on the market. Both run own server infrastructure.

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Best Places to Visit if You are New to Usenet

If you are a Usenet beginner and search for more information about how to start downloading, visit our Usenet Tutorial section first. If the provided information is not enough for you to learn about Usenet, then here are some sources I would advice to visit to get detailed information about the network and how it works.
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