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Laugh at your troubles. Everybody ELSE does!
Laugh at your troubles. Everybody ELSE does!

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Cajun music. Not my people, but that's only because my Acadian ancestors staged a jail-break from the British prison-camp at Beaubassin and went to New Brunswick instead of Louisiana, and developed a different form of Bad French.

There are 50,000 Savoies (or Savoys) in North America, from an original 3 families. But the most prolific Acadian family is the Leblancs (200,000).

The C-accordion makes different notes based on whether he's pushing or pulling. But he's playing in the key of G and so mostly has to pull to make G-B-D notes. Pushing would give mainly C-chords (like the long Fourth at the end). Direct Fifth chords (D-F#-A) are not possible; the accordion is diatonic, no sharps/flats.

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In musing about my own campaign, I am coming up with a border between an American-descended star federation and one that is other-descended and socialist in nature. Each planet has a Presidium where the people don't directly vote for representatives but get to send a particular number of delegates based on their affiliation: The Party, Unions, the Merchant Guild, the Sophont League who are alien natives guaranteed certain constitutional rights (but jammed together in one league, they cannot agree on anything). The Planetary Presidium sends one representative each to the Federation Presidium. There is intense passion for political activity but very little room for motion in the fixed political set-pieces of the Party, something like Communist China today. Although in China there are some rebel political movements other than Communists still venerated today, it is more like they are being "enbalmed" politically because only the Chinese Communist Party is supposed to run everything. That's the sort of thing I'm going for in my campaign too. The President exerts personal influence by currying favour with high officials that are in his cabinet.

The Government Levels no longer make sense. How would you come up with a new scale of government codes where the government is of a loose socialist type on a low-population, pioneer planet but tightly controlled on a high-population world, no chance of leaving your urban work-factory commune or even changing floors in your urban skyscraper block?

Here is the backgrounder for my campaign so far, famously stalled for years. I am not considering playing in Traveller 5th-ed any more but likely Mongoose 2:

I read that an urban myth spread in Florida that if everyone shoots their gun into Hurricane Irma it will mitigate the storm. A lot of guns in Florida, but still the scale is insufficient. The police had to release a statement saying it will not work and is dangerous.

How dumb are they? Of course, it is born of desperation.

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I was looking for one-shot games to play on the long Labour Day week-end.

I came across this unusual game, where the GM pledges to start the online game but will HYPNOTIZE you at a distance. He says you will more vividly experience the setting and emotions, but you go out of hypnosis to do some dice roll mechanics, which are not a large part of the game, and then back into hypnosis.

Interesting, as long as he doesn't make you flip funds from your bank-account while hypnotized...

Here's something that puzzles me. p. 75, Smart Weapons, "This weapon has intelligent or semi-intelligent rounds that are able to guide themselves onto a target. They gain a DM to their attack rolls equal to the difference between their TL and that of the target, to a minimum of DM+1 and a maximum of DM+6."

But what is the TL of the target? A target is just standing there, might have high-tech or low-tech armor, might Dodge...what's the TL?

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Do's and Don'ts of PowerPoint.
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