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See The Light At The End of The Online Marketing Tunnel.
See The Light At The End of The Online Marketing Tunnel.

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No matter where you are in the U.S., it's HOT out there. It seems the "dog days of summer" came early this year.

What about the "dog days of SEO?" Read how to survive them on the Daylight Blog:

Tuesday poll: Rank your Pinterest usage from 1-10.

1 = What's Pinterest?
5 = I check it once in a while.
10 = I use it at least once a day.

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Are you an Instagram user? Check out our review of Facebook Camera for iOS and let us know what you think of Facebook's new stand-alone camera app.

Mix it up. Take 5-10 minutes and read your +LinkedIn content stream. You might be [pleasantly] surprised by what you find.

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When is the best time to post content to Twitter and Facebook? +Marketing Land shares some insights based on research by +Bitly.

Do their findings match with your experience? Which days/times do you find most effective?

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Some eye-popping growth numbers for +Instagram from +KISSmetrics

This comparison also caught our eye:
April 2012: Instagram purchased for $1 billion.
April 2012: Kodak's total market cap: $77 million.

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Boost your #PPC performance by optimizing your campaigns during dayparts with little or no revenue.

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Which social media monitoring tool(s) are you using? What factors were most important to you in the selection process?

+KISSmetrics put together an interesting infographic based on industry professionals' answers to these and other questions about SMM.

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How do you spend your time online? How about your clients and customers? +Media Tapper shares some interesting numbers for global Internet usage based on research by Pew and Neilsen. View the complete infographic here:

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+Google launched a new "Account Activity" service today. Will you use it?
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