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Faruq Rasid
a young multi-discipline developer with a dream.
a young multi-discipline developer with a dream.

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Latest Unicon which has been in beta for quite some time has finally been released.

2 new big features introduced in this version:
★ Custom Icon Assignment: Manually map apps to icons from different icon packs!
★ App Drawer Icon Theming: Using stock launcher? No problem! Now you can have pick app drawer icon from icon packs!

IMPORTANT: You'll need to install the PRO key (basically the old Unicon app) to get access to custom icon assignment and app drawer theming.

Anyone bought a spare set of 8GB Nexus 4? Me want one! 

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Please reshare (yes, I hate posts that start like this but):

I'm making an app, Droid Dap, for Android that will be yet-another way to access text messages from your browser or tablet. You'll be able to connect any device with a web browser to your phone then be able to send and receive in either direction.

It's open source and free unlike any other app out there. Mainly because I don't trust anyone with my data so by making it this way, you can see for yourself how yours is managed.

There will be a donate version as well. 100% of the proceeds will be set up for +Ryan Scott who is a son, dad, husband and member of the +CyanogenMod team. He needs help for medical bills and this is the best way I can think of offering some his way.

If you know Ryan, you know he's a real bro and may know his story. 

tl;dr: I'd like some app devs to help me write this app quickly so this project can start generating him some cash. He's without health insurance and needs every dollar we can raise for him.

Also, if you can spare, his Paypal is:

By any chance, is anyone selling a used 8GB Nexus 7 for a bargain? Shipping to Singapore. Need it as a test device to port +Nine to tablet layout. Please help reshare this Androidians!!

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Version 1.1 Released! Go get it!

Anyone managed to get invitation for Windows 8 launch in SG this Thurs? Finding a friend....

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On promotion! Check it out if you browse 9GAG often!

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Just in time for fasting month. SGPrayerTime 2.0 for Android based devices. Now with (optional) Azan. Salam Ramadan to Muslims following me!

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