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So much done, so much more to do
I got to work in my room today.  The building was finally open after having the floors in the hallways waxed.  My husband loaded my car down with stuff from the storage building Saturday evening.  We actually had to take stuff out so that my kids could fit ...

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Bulletin Boards Will Be the Death of Me!
I have never despised doing bulletin boards more than I did today.  When I say that my front wall is nothing but a giant bulletin board, I ain't lyin'.  The only downfall is that one side is about to be covered up by an 8 foot whiteboard because there is no...

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My Idea Book
I had mentioned in another post about how my Pinterest boards are a bit overwhelming and I'm not sure what's on there anymore.  I've taken some time this summer to go through some of them.  As I go through the links, I save the picture of the idea that I li...

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Too Many Ideas!!!
I got to take a peek at my new classroom last week.  My mind has been going 100 mph trying to figure out how to transform the space into something conducive to a safe, fun, engaging learning environment.  Here's what my classroom looks like now: The view fr...

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The End of An Era
I've worked approximately 40 minutes from my home for the past 5 years.  I absolutely LOVE the district I worked at, my co-workers/friends, and my administration.  My goal when I first started was to stay for 5 years to gain experience and then, if I wanted...

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Being a Mom is Tough
I've been sleeping on the couch since December.  I was 4 months pregnant with my 3rd when my body decided that my bed just wasn't comfortable enough.  Now my little man is almost 3 months old and he sleeps in his swing next to the couch next to me, and my a...

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22 Day Challenge - Day 2 Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping
Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping The amount of money that we've spent on take out and groceries since I became pregnant last August is absolutely ridiculous.  While I was pregnant, I was so extremely exhausted that I just couldn't stand anymore once I got...

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22 Day Challenge - Day 1 Girls' Room
I have to tackle the girls' room first because they have so much stuff coming in and out all of the time.  I've got to get this room under control.  I wish, more than anything, that they could each have their own rooms, but that just isn't happening here wi...

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22 Days To A Clean and Organized Home
I started my maternity leave on April 18th.  Had my baby on April 22nd, and summer break started for us on June 7th.  The last day of my maternity leave was June 6th.  I planned it perfectly.  All summer, so far, my house has been a disaster due to spending...

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Summer Time and Maternity Leave
It's July 9th and I'm ready to get back into my classroom.  I've been off now since April 18th for maternity leave. I had my sweet baby boy on April 22nd.  We've had a great time getting to know one another, and I LOVE spending time with him every day, but ...
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