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yay! finally back up

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I redesigned the GNOME Shell theme portion of Paper.

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Congratulations are in order to the Google Lollipop Calendar team. 

This is the team that thought that it was a good idea to introduce the "google calendar week" - that special five-day week that starts at random points in the old-fashioned 7-day calendar.

Because that is the kind of bold experimentation we want for our calendars. Look at Julius Caesar - with the introduction of the julian calendar he really put his stamp on history, and guaranteed that his name still lives on, two thousand years later.

The Lollipop Calendar team dreamed big, and wanted to play in the same league.  Bold move, team! Stupid, but bold.

But then the drugs wore off, and finally somebody seems to have realized that the whole point of a calendaring application is actually to be useful in a world where you interact with all those odd old-fashioned people who still think that a week has a boring seven days.

Guys, you looked immensely stupid there for a while. But today I got a calendar update, and the weeks are seven days again, and pinch-to-zoom works again.

I congratulate you on getting off the bad drugs, and not looking quite as f*cking stupid as you did there for several months.

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A quick self assessment of your running gait could help you be a quicker runner

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Nice... Now I'm running out of excuses to install arch

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arch linux with material design ? sure looks promising #notevenalpha

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Here's a picture detailing six new Qualcomm processors, as claimed by the twitter account @leaksfly


who cares if Facebook is up or down... I need my whatsapp -.-
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