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adding peeps to Google+
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did they re-enable invites? I haven't been able to send any out today
"temporarily exceeded capacity" as per Google+
+Freddy Fuentes well, u can hit the button add a person on the "circles" page,then input the email address of the invited. then u post a new share, and select the option of send a email to non google+. after that, u friends will receive a email
the email they receive says "learn more about Google+", clicking on that link only provides them with keep me "posted link", under that there is a statement "Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon."

I think they fixed this workaround a day or so after they turned off the link to send invites.
+Freddy Fuentes But I just invited a friend and he signed up this afternoon!are ur friends gmail-users
yes i specifically targeted gmail users but i have a feeling it is because i am in Canada???? so are the gmail users i was looking to invite
From what I've read, the workaround to invite people is still working for some but not for most.
+Chris Griffin maybe! but it is just weird. working for some country and not for some other countries?
@Freddy, get them to click on the "view or comment...." link instead, thats how i am getting friends signed up..
+Freddy Fuentes someone said u could send the mail u got invitation and signed up to someone else. u could take a try
thanks anyway guys they keep getting the message "exceeded capacity" one has reported that they have received an actual invitation email but in the end could still not join! i told them to keep trying :)
I have been adding people this morning and all have been able to get in.. 
I create a post and at the place where to add circle i enter the email address there and then click share.. Since the recipient is not on G+ yet they will still get the email and it has a link "view or comment". Click that link and it will take them to the G+ site page confirming their some details.. Thats how i have been doing it and so far no "quota exceeded".. Dont click the Google plus info link on the email..
Dont clikc the "learn more about google+" link coz that will just say to keep them posted when invites open up..
Oh really? Coz i just added my mom just then.. :)
it seems to be working for some but not everyone ... one of my friends reported that they clicked on the "view or comment link" and they got a page saying Join Google+ but that landed them on the "quota exceeded" page.
@Chikeong, how do you tag me? :) i cant tag you since you are not on my address book.
Do you think they are placing quotas on where people are at? E.g. Per country? So they can have a good spread of testers?
+Jhosie Tsix it s not because im not on ur address book. u should copy my whole name, the first and the last, like me, u should copy Chikeong Yan
Oh you did it too @Freddy, able to tag me and i cant tag anyone..
@Chikeong Tan, thats what i did, copy n paste :( maybe coz i am using the mobile version
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