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It should have been food time with Gemma on Thursday......but in true techtard style i was having some 'issues' with the old website.


got some clever people involved...

and all is well again in tech land! :-)


Carrot Cake Flapjacks! 🥕🍰 😋

as ever you'll find
pic to drool over!

this one is something different to the main meals recipes that we have been sending out ....

you can knock a batch up and have them over a week....​​

Dave - AKA 'chief taster'
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new addition to our 'wall of fame' at CF.

great action shot of some of our members The Reaper OCR
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for those of you that may remember I was revising for exams for a course

So guess what….

I failed

4 exams, and the 4th one i totally fucked it up….

I dicked around with some of the data as I had some spare time and resulted in making a complete balls up!

so If you read my previous email regarding imposter syndrome/self doubt stuff

then guess what…..

For a couple of days I was proper miserable - a mini battle going on in my melon

Yes Im good at hiding it….

but i was gutted

The old me would have gone completely ‘fuck it!’

I’d of gone and stuffed my face until I felt sick and then got pissed to drown my sorrows

but thankfully i didnt

and its a refreshing change

Ive got my resit booked

got my notes out again

and began to prep for this exam again.

This is a massive change to when I was completing my masters degree….

holy spitballs i was like a yoyo…..

up and down and up and down and up and down

So whats difference?????

1. I got me a coach…..talked about it may a time this year. Helping me to address stuff i’ve got limited knowledge on AND i can talk to
2. I’ve applied the same principles that I do when I train….if I fail a lift its cool. Its a target to hit next time
3. in the bigger scale of things it does mean shit….i’m still alive, still got a home and still got all my marbles

I often see people’s reactions to when the don’t make a lift when on the gym floor…

It’s looked upon as a negative thing….a failure

But if you flip your perspective then it can be a positive

You’ve lifted to your max on that day…

how can that be a bad thing?

Yes we have ups and downs within the days/weeks/months that we train

and thats part of training….

and part of life

So don’t let that small set back derail all your hard work

Keep at it

and the success will taste the even more sweet when it arrives!!!

If you fancy trying out somewhere thats not full of shit….

and support you beyond the gym floor….

Try THIS >>>
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Morning! 😁🙂

At Custom Fitness we care about 1 thing...

that you WANT to be better 👍🏻

➡️ investing in yourself AND doing something that you enjoy - DOUBLE WIN!

We dont care how fit you are, your size, age gender or anything else.....

Simply that you WANT to invest in yourself to grow!

To join the current CF tribe and become part of something pretty special that goes WAY beyond 'just a gym' click on the link below and start with a 30-day trial...
Custom Fitness UK
Custom Fitness UK
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we all want them....

but how do you know if you have????

Long term goals are often too big and can become overwhelming....

People forget to look at the process of it

the shorter, bite size goals....

So a tool you can use is a training diary

Read about it by click the link below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

so here's a question for you.....

do you track your training?

Its not essential, but successful people leave clues, and tracking stuff is up there!!!

How you track is up to you, but its defiantly something for you to consider

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Judgement Day - Christmas team event
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