I just blogged about my department decision to cut down most subscriptions from Springer and not sign proposed contract for 2015 (in French, link below). Let me try to translate in English what we voted Tuesday.

« The general assembly of the Institut Fourier, gathered the 27th of May 2014, concerned about the future of scientific publications and good use of public funds, maintains the position stated in 2011-2012 through the call « appel pour des négociations équilibrées avec les éditeurs de revues scientifiques » :

1. it asks to the Couperin.org consortium to turn down any term of contract preventing libraries to reduce the amount of spending to Springer, or imposing a price raise over inflation.

2. If such terms where to be included in the 2015 contract being negociated, the general assembly demands the library of Institut Fourier not to sign this contract.

3. Given the excessive prices of journals published by springer, the general assembly calls the French mathematical libraries to subscribe to no more Springer journals than necessary to ensure a national distributed preservation. »

This means that my library will cut most its springer subscriptions, probably for about €50,000 a year (about 40% of its total budget for journals). We have no idea yet whether many mathematical libraries will take this position (possibly jeopardize the current (and, in my opinion, bad) negociation for 2015), but we are not the first ones. As far as I know, at least 5 other libraries have decided not to sign the contract, among 20 to 30 that have a choice at all.
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