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Cause this has been really frustrating (stupid) to watch
How being friends with sources has killed the media
primary lesson from week two

If there's one lesson I am taking away, crystalline, from week two of the SPD Union issue, it's how the press is doing press release journalism on this issue.

They are listening to exactly what they're told, and investigating and analyzing nothing that would jeopardize access to a source.

When I was a kid, journalists like +Mike Barnicle in Boston, and Mike Royko in Chicago were not friends with sources, but they had access.

Being friends with sources means you print what they say, don't ask hard questions, don't read between the lines. You don't look at primary sources like the by-laws of their organization or the history behind what's going on. You don't investigate the conditions they are working in, or ask questions of the people who work for them. You don't want to be rude and question -- assumptions.

You might lose access. And there are plenty other journalists who are willing to be friends, and kiss ass.

We are seeing the culmination of that with Trump and the +Washington Post reporters who are losing access. The WaPo finally grew a pair and started questioning assumptions. They broke the manufactured consent that they and their peers had built around Trump, that he was a charismatic leader.

And now? The WaPo reporters are being given the bum's rush by Trump's security. NO ACCESS.

A prominent journalism prof and public intellectual and I had a tweet storm a bit ago when he made like this was something new and outrageous, and I pointed out that folks like myself and bloggers had been there for years. Years!

They came for the bloggers, activists, and citizen journalist, and I did nothing because I wasn't a blogger

They came for the folks with National Writer's Union press passes, and I did nothing because I was a real journalist.

They came for the syndicate stringers and I did nothing because I work for a prominent publication.

And now they came for the six figure stringers, and there is no one left, and suddenly it's a first amendment issue

"Take your rage elsewhere." He tweeted back.

Well in our case in Somerville? We have a classic manufactured consent issue. The press won't listen to a thing I say because I am in the middle of two different aspects of a "Chinatown" like controversy, and no one wants to break it in MSM for fear they will take heat.

First, I'm postulating at the very least that Mike McGrath, the SPD patrolman's union president, is lying that he has his rank and file's support for that letter. And there's more to it. And he's made it an international story, adding heat to an explosive conflict spiral over race.

Second, I believe that with input from those same wonderful rank and file officers, we may have some great ways to salve that conflict spiral, which I'm taking to the city administration next week by the way to start creating as a proposal for actual action to start the healing maybe for the whole nation, with the lessons from my last summary essay. We're setting up a meeting time.

And I've submitted that to press all over Boston, and none of them will report on it, and many of them have suppressed it as commentary on their news stories.

Can't piss off your sources, guys. I understand. It takes the kind of spine folks in journalism used to have, before the bottom fell out.

No one is watching out for us any more. We don't really have a free press as in freedom. Only like in weak beer.

And paywalls for the comfortable, who don't want to hear this stuff.

My dad taught me "comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable." Pay's crappy.

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can more people say this?

"There are fundamentalists in all religious, we [Catholics] have it too," the pontiff said. "If I talk about Islamic violence, then I also have to talk of Catholic violence."

This has been a rough winter. I just realized that one of me, Dan and Fenrir has been sick or uncomfortable for most of the winter this far. Like all of the last 2 weeks. How do we catch up on 2 weeks of bad sleep and sick and so I on?

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This is flying around Facebook. Thought I'd illustrate the point a bit further, download the pic, and pass it around on G+. Get to it people.  +1 this post. 

The problem with people who leave their +1s showing things to their friends is that socially, one is kind of expected to +1 your friends' baby pictures, halloween pictures, etc. And if those baby pictures and so on are left public, your friends get their streams cluttered with the baby pictures of people they have never and likely will never meet. This The sharing +1s makes sense if it only applies to posts with content that is more open and less personal. But using +1ing for both "I socially approve" and "I want everyone I know to see it" means eventually you will be hidden by people who actually have enough clutter. (and that kind of clutter is why I still haven't gotten the energy to look at facebook, even though there are more people only there.)

+ I finally get my nickname visible
- still not pseudonyms

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it is so sad, but my 50mm (canon 1.4f) seems to be losing it's focus. I guess the ratings did say it was fragile. I can't even turn it manually that close anymore :( If I have to go all Ls I'll be... well, slow is probably the only word for it.

I don't know what the trigger is, but I feel the need to watch firefly again soon.
(and I already was starting to think it was near time for another escaflowne marathon, for no good reason at all. If the last time I finished it was 5 years ago, I will laugh)
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