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Today we have participated in the
moodle MOOC 6 where we have had the opportunity of taking part in a wonderful
experience. We have spread the
word of our work during the whole module, how the road to create our own
e-publications was and how we have taken ...

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Final project presentation
Hello everyone! My master module is almost finished and I have
created a final project presentation explaining everything I have done and learned
during this time. Hope you enjoy it!

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Artifact 2
The second artifict you will have to do is
about creating a character and a profile for him or her. You can do this
artifict with any tool for creating avatars or comics, such as for example
Storyboard That, Voki or Pixton. You will use this character to in...

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Hi again healthy beings! This is the first artifact, you will have
to use any tool you want of the ones we have seen in our class, to create a
visual and engaging mind-map where you need to reflect the main concepts
learned. I have used Cacoo to create one ...

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CLIL audio challenge
Good morning everyone! I have created an audio challenge for you
to feel motivated to start this adventure. I have used Kizoa to add a picture
to make it easier for you to understand the dialogs. In this audio you will meet five different
monsters from the ...

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Hello everyone! Completing all
the different tasks that we (teachers) prepare for our students may sometimes
be so difficult for them; we need to create some support in order to make the
learning process accurately for them. In this case one
of my peers, @e...

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Pedro´s dream CLIL video challenge
Good morning everyone! Yesterday I posted on my blog the
amazing story of Pedro Picasso told in a comic. This was only the first step to
create this video that I bring you today. Once we did the comic we decided to
turn it into a video with music to make it...

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Hello everybody, Here I come with one more step in my road
to create an eBook! This time I have created a video challenge storyboard. To carry out this task I have worked with
some peers of my university class: @MariaJLlopis @estefaniablanch and @MartaLFabe...

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Designing a cover for my eBook
there!  I have designed the cover for my
eBook! I have
used Picasa 3, Canva and Aurasma to create it. First of all I did a collage
with several photos, related to healthy food and hygiene habits, taken by
myself. After this I made a poster with Canva inc...
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