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So discussion Questions, 1. At what point in the show did you know you where a Weiss fan?

2. What is it about the character you find appealing?

I am curious of what you guys have to say, I will share my answer in the comments later.

<3 Weiss 

Putin personally hired an elite team of hacker to post cat videos and memes using bots. This unjustly caused cats to win the internet in the cat dog election. The intelligence community is opening another investigation into Trump over the scandal!

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talking with a guy about something when
guy: "you're sounding kind of like an absolutist!"

me: "Well that is good then, because I am."

guy:(looking shock and baffled) " With everything we know and all that we learn everyday, how could you believe in something as small minded as absolutes? "

me : (playing with straw trying to look sophisticated) " Because I couldn't ever be wrong without them. "

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