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Happy New Year! As we plan for the start of the new year I have a sound reminder to everyone. It is advisable to purchase med pay coverage on your auto policy in an amount equal to the annual out-of-pocket maximum on your health insurance coverage. It is also important to purchase underinsurance. These coverages are relatively cheap and they provide you with great potential benefits. Please check your auto policy this month to be sure you have these “first party” benefits to help secure yourself against financial losses in the unfortunate instance of an auto accident. If you have any questions on this please call me.
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Great results in my pesrsonal injury practice this year including:
$215,000 recovery in a case where my client fractured his leg in a skier/skier collision.
$58,000 recovery for a fractured wrist in an auto accident.
$185,000.00 recovery in a slip and fall case at a hot tub at Tiger Run Resort.
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