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Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re making it a little easier for our users to access the games they play often. Recently played games will be available from a games section on the Google+ homepage. Hopefully, this will allow you to pick up from where you left off, in just one click.

We’re always working to make the gaming experience better and more intuitive for you -- so we hope you enjoy this little addition!
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So, If someone removes it from the sidebar, how do he get it back?
Nav H.
We need a option to disable "what's hot" if you don't want it.
I agree with Emiliano, we need more games!
I remove it from the sidebar... how do I get it back?
PD: the girl in the picture.. she can't create a g+ page
Its a useful update +Vermont Lasmarias, but it also appears on the google+ pages (business) I created... though you can remove it, I think it shouldn't be visible there on the first place. :)

update: Already fixed.
I have followed the trend chart on poker games live or online , the growth rate of popularity so incredible, i can't recall any other game has ever came close to such a sharp rise in the last 15 years or so, i bet you can not go wrong starting with a Texas Holdem poker and taking it from there , you need to learn the rules , etiquette , how to promote ( easiest part ) , learn how to set up tournament events ( challenging , addictive & extremely popular ) ,game of skill with luck factor dictating wide range of percentage base on management and skill and considerable number of other elements makes no players alike , but my social research has made me to believe , the common reason all players of this game share , is that every poker player is a legend in his or her own later!
Thanks +Satyajeet Salgar . By the way, it seemed that commenting on possible bugs on a post on Google+ got more prompt resolution than using the "send feedback" button. :-)

More power to Google+ team.
Never showed up for me. Gaming experience on G+ is very annoying atm. The neighbour links are broken since over a week, the pictures don't show up in the games. Zynga seems to trade us as second class citizens compared to the other social network (no updates, bugs are unsolved since starting here, requests can be clicked several times, etc).
Triple Town is a great game though ;-)

PS: Did you do something in the last few seconds? Just showed up for the first time... :-) Maybe deleting cache and reloading did the trick.
In fact it is still not easy to receive gift and respond to request from Games .....................its HORRIBLE..... Should be interactive and HASSEL FREE.....
puhuuko kukhan meänkieltä? ;)
De hecho, todavía no es fácil de recibir regalos y responder a la solicitud de Juegos ..................... su horrible ..... Debe ser interactivo y Hassel GRATIS .....
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