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Shannon Boyce
the creation of beauty is art.
the creation of beauty is art.

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live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.
Life is rarely slow, quiet, or boring. At least in my experience. It seems there is always more to see and do...and I like it that way! (Though, I confess, a bit of downtime would be nice every now and then). Over the last couple of weeks, my schedule has b...

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Short on Time? Pamper Yourself In 10 Minutes or Less
Every magazine article goes on and on about the importance of spoiling yourself. They list spa days, massages, lunch with friends, and a million other time consuming activities. What about the days when you have a crazy busy schedule? Should you give up on ...

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review: katy kat pearl lipstick
Makeup and music are two of my biggest passions. There is nothing better than putting on a great song and getting glam! In the past, I have tried more than a couple of Katy Perry's Katy Kat Matte lipsticks. (Take a peek at my  Try On Video if you missed it!...

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victoria beckham for target
Growing up, my favourite Spice Girl was always Posh. She was just so cool . While the other girls in the band had loud and over the top personalities, Posh Spice exuded a quiet confidence that I admired and aspired to. In the years since then, Victoria Beck...

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review: laura mercier secret brightening powder
Every beauty addict has a wish list. Mine has gotten pretty lengthy over the years, with everything from high-end blushes to limited edition palettes making the cut. One product that has topped the list for ages ? A setting powder from Laura Mercier. I've h...

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a woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.
One thing I could never get sick of? New accessories. There is something so exciting about a piece of jewellery that is all shiny and new. This statement is even more accurate when that piece of jewellery is a gift from someone special. Recently, I was over...

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inspired by: spring style
Me? Inspired by the spring season? You bet. This winter seemed like an endless sea of snow, slush, and chilly temperatures. It is only now that it really feels like we have put that long winter behind us. The sun shines brightly (in between those spring sho...

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Inspired By: Riverdale
Even though Riverdale has ended for the obsession remains. It has been a long, long, long time since a TV show was quite so addicting. Over the past several months, I have found myself eagerly awaiting the next episode. Not to mention following ...

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new in: accessories (guess, betsey johnson, and more)
Now that spring is fully underway, there are a few fashion and beauty goals on my radar. Some examples? Taking better care of my skin, wearing all of the shoes in my collection, going through my wardrobe, and being bolder with accessories. The latter is esp...

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concert review: o-town
I can't remember a time when music was not my biggest passion. It has always been a massive part of my life....whether my cassette tapes were playing Disney songs or my CD player had my favourite song on repeat. Though I am not musically inclined myself (ak...
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