To the G+ Photo Community

What do you folks think of doing a charity auction of one our photo prints to raise money for +Charles Crawford ?

How to?
*Photographers will add a photo to our Gallery (Print size can be found in the Photo description underneath title)
(to add a photo, sign up to this post, pls add the page & tag a photo - make sure you understand that you commit to send a print to the winner)
*If you want to bid, leave a comment with the $ amount on that photo (higher than your previous bidder)
*The auction will be finished at April 11th 2012
*The winner will be notified by private message
*The winner will have to donate the amount for the print to Charles' Fundraising page publicly (you have 24h to do that. If it's not there by then, the next bidder will get notified and you have forfeit your 'win')
*The winner will send me their shipping address and I will forward it to the Photographer
Photographer will mail the print to winner
Anybody interested?

Again, wo is +Charles Crawford ?
A fellow photographer with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) who is not able to walk without a cane since a year.
He found a tool to help him walk - and shoot again, but it comes for the price of $6500. We have raised $465,- in 10 days, but it's not enough.
Check out his page:
+Bioness Project: Helping Photog to shoot again

Feel free to share this post

I am calling out a few fellow photographers who I hope might be interested, feel free to call some more:
+Ron Clifford +Mike Shaw +Jason Kowing +Jim Davis +Sumit Sen +Darren Rye +Wes Lum +Karen Shackles +Andrew Clifton-Brown +Amanda Moore +Lynda Bowyer +Kathy Binns +Gene Bowker +Gizella Nyquist +Asa Gislason +Pam Chalkley +Sandra Parlow +Cora Triton +Tim Eisler +Evelyn Lamprey +Elizabeth Lund +Eddy Rademaker +Mike Spinak (sorry, I don't know you, but maybe you would help?) +Gretchen Chappelle +Akhil Kalsh +Alan Shapiro (I know you, like most are super busy, but maybe you can help in one way or another?)

#ms #photography #helpneeded #giveadollar
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