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Abhay Nair
Am Abhay. am not that definable sort in words.
Am Abhay. am not that definable sort in words.


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MIT student creates computer-controlled magic levitation.

MIT genius +Jinha Lee has created an incredible computer-controlled system for levitating objects.

The project, called ZeroN, uses magnets, a Kinect visual system, plus special software that enables either the computer to move a steel ball around in space, or a human to just grab it and move it, essentially telling the computer where it should go.

It can even remember how it was moved, then repeat the movement automatically.

I need one.

By the way, if +Jinha Lee looks familiar, he's the same guy in a video I shared on an entirely different project: A Microsoft research initiative to create a transparent-display 3D augmented reality system: Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions
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