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Peter Allen
Passionate for network-enabled business models ... technology metaphor and relationship based
Passionate for network-enabled business models ... technology metaphor and relationship based

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Business Case for Investing in Shared Services
To go Captive, or Outsource?  That’s an increasingly common question among
CFOs and other business leaders. It’s become quite common for companies to
organize their business support functions into “shared services” operations for
a range of good reasons, no...

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Economic Game Planning for Services Evolution
I had a recent experience attending a round-table discussion with executives
who are sharing approaches for evolving their outsourcing strategies in the
face of changes occurring among the service provider landscape.  Each of the participants represented le...

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The Eco-System Effect
There aren’t many companies that aren’t obsessively focused on strategies
for growth.  Regardless of the industry,
even the most wildly successful businesses need to feed the monster by delivering
consistent and high levels of top-line expansion. One manage...

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The Fading Allure of Pure Play Services
In the long history of IT outsourcing, there
was a prominent strategy among many IT Services companies to position
themselves as “pure play” services firms. 
This was meant to counter-act the competitive alternative offered by
companies that were simultaneo...

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Playing the Innovation Card
Playing the Innovation Card In 1964, U.S. Supreme Court justice Potter
Stewart famously characterized pornography with the quote, “I know it when I
see it.”  The same is true for innovation
in the art of commercial services. I’ve been party to hundreds of c...

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The Art of the Services Sale
A few years ago I sat with a senior executive
of a global consumer products company reviewing our week’s findings.   We had just concluded a parade of prospective
services provider presentations, and it was time to reflect. Dave was a finance executive, acc...

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From Effort to Outcomes
As a 22 year-old, I was immersed into the eye-opening
experience of my first real job.  While
the era was long ago, well before Silicon Valley defined the meaning of a
“startup” culture, I thrived at being fresh talent in a company that was
buzzing with ene...

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Beware: Robots on the Cow Paths
a growing volume of chatter in the outsourcing industry circles about the
breakthrough potential of Robotic Process Automation, or RPA.  I’ve recently seen RPA in action for a few major
corporations and I’ve developed a concern over this trend.  It’...

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Managing Service Risks in the “As A Service” Economy
The rule of
thumb for services contracting, proven over the past 20+ years, was that
companies tended to spend 3-5% of their services contract value on “governance.”   When a company awarded a $100M services
contract for outsourced IT or Business Process op...

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Diligent Diligence
As companies step-up their consideration of new forms of Services
contracting, with providers that are touting their “As A Service” offerings, I
am seeing a revolution in the art of Due Diligence – the process whereby the
parties verify that they are enteri...
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