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ElianeHidber recommends the Language School ELC English Language Centre Bristol.
I’ve spent twelve weeks at the ELC doing a Cambridge exam preparation course and loved it. I’ve mainly had three teachers - one for the writing and reading plus use of English part (my class teacher), one for the speaking and one for the electives twice a week. I adored all three of them and they not only were very competent and good teachers, but also really lovely and fun people. We had a lot of fun, but they certainly made sure that we all made progress and actually learned something. My main teacher talked to each member of my class a few times during the 12 weeks to evaluate our progress and point out weaknesses but also strengths. She gave good advice and was happy to check any extra work I wanted to turn in. (The per cent of ELC students passing a Cambridge exam is very high, by the way, so that definitely speaks volumes about the teachers and the courses!)

Nearly everyone in my class was preparing for the same exam, which meant that only a few members changed class and the class didn’t change too much. That certainly helped with bonding, but there were also many excursions and activities planned by Andrew, who is responsible for the social program, and the electives are "inter-class" as well, so you have many opportunities to get to know other students. The atmosphere in the school was very friendly and familiar, so it really was easy to feel comfortable from the get-go.

As lovely as the school is, the city itself doesn’t have to hide either. I love everything about Bristol - Clifton, the harbour, the College Green, Park Street, the older part of the city in Redcliffe, but also the shopping centre at Broadmead or the more urban parts like Redland. There are many small, independent shops to check out, and cafés, bars, pubs and restaurants for everyone. There’s a great music scene - I went to a handful of concerts during my stay, one of them on a boat and another one in a church, and there are also many pubs that have Open Mic nights, which are worth checking out as well. It’s also really great that ELC students can often join clubs from the University of Bristol - and they have clubs for anything, whether it be art, sports, music or whatever.

I’m not really a city dweller, so I really liked that Bristol didn’t feel that big. I actually walked nearly everywhere and hardly ever took the bus or a taxi. (To be fair, my accommodation was located ideally - I needed around 25 minutes to walk to school and ten minutes to the harbour.) I also felt quite safe when walking somewhere in the evening / night. But you don’t have to walk all the time - from what I’ve seen, public transport is also really good. The buses might not always be on time, but there’s usually another one coming not much later. Bristol is also only three hours away from London (by coach, even less by train, though that’s more expensive), only one hour away from Cardiff (hello, Wales!), and other cities are accessible as well for a weekend trip - you could even fly to Dublin if you wanted to. :)

I’ve made some great friends and some wonderful memories, learned a lot, passed my exam and fell in love with the city, so I definitely would recommend both the ELC and Bristol to anyone considering a language stay in the UK.

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My name is Maria and I have just spent 4 days in London to practice and improve my English. I am 47 and my level of English is advanced but I felt I needed an immersion to bring it up to date. I didn’t attend a school because I chose to stay at my teacher’s house and I can say now that it was an excellent decision. The house was nice and my teacher very kind and friendly. We’ve talked a lot, apart from focusing on specific topics and exercises at lessons time. Although we managed to have time to go to the theater, it’s a shame I couldn’t visit the city but, in a 4 days course, I cannot ask for more. I’m totally satisfied with my short experience.

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Language Schools Australia

Rating: 83% ✓ 3219 Reviews of Language Schools in Australia ✓ Compare Prices and Ratings ✓ Online-Booking ✓ 101 Language Schools in Australia ✓.

Language Schools rating: 83 out of 100 with 3219 ratings

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It is with great pleasure to announce our winners of our 2013 Awards.

EducationStars presents this award for the third time.

Uniquely in the international education industry, the EducationStars Awards are awarded based on students’ ratings only.

Our winners 2013 are:

Best Language School in Australia
Langports Brisbane (2013)

Best Language School in Canada
ILAC International Language Academy of Canada Toronto (2013)

Best Language School in England
LILA* Liverpool (2013)

Best Language School in France
French in Normandy, Rouen (2013)

Best Language School in Malta
ESE European School of English (2013)

Best Language School in Peru
ECELA Lima (2013)

Best Language School in South Africa
Kurus English, Cape Town (2013)

Best Language School in Spain
Hispania escuela de español (2013)

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Most viewed schools the first six months of 2013
1. Langports Brisbane
2. Langports Gold Coast
3. ESE European School of English
4. ILAC Vancouver
5. Tamwood International College Vancouver
6. EC San Diego
7. EC Vancouver
8. ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet Montpellier
9. Global Village Hawaii
10. ESL Freiburg
11. St. Giles Brighton
12. Malaca Instituto Malaga
13. Galway Cultural Institute
14. LILA*, Liverpool
15. ABC School, Florence

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Most viewed schools the last seven days:
1. ILAC International Language Academy of Canada, Vancouver
2. EC Malta
3. Langports Brisbane, Australia
4. EC San Diego, USA
5. ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet, Montpellier, France
6. Langports Gold Coast, Australia
7. EC Vancouver, Canada
8. ESE European School of English, Malta
9. Tamwood International College, Vancouver, Canada
10. Estudio Sampere Madrid, Spain
11. Malaca Instituto, Spain
12. St. Giles International Brighton, England
13. ABC School Florence, Italy
14. EC San Francisco, USA
15. Beet Language Centre, Bournemouth, England
All rated and reviewed on

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Most viewed schools the last seven days in 2013:
1. Langports Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia
2. EC Vancouver, Canada
3. Tamwood International College Vancouver, Canada
4. St. Giles International Brighton, England
5. St. Giles International San Francisco, USA
6. ILAC International Language Academy of Canada Vancouver
7. St. Giles International London Highgate, England
8. Beet Language Centre Bournemouth, England
9. ABC School Florence, Italy
10. EC San Diego, USA
11. ILAC International Language Academy of Canada Toronto
12. ILA Institut Linguistique Adenet Montpellier, France
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