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Anthony Banks
Eternal optimist even to my detriment.
Eternal optimist even to my detriment.

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So excited! Flashing this now.

I finally ordered my first moderately spec'd phone since I stood in line for the G1! Got the Droid Bionic. It comes Monday, I'm excited.

My tablet that I won from finally came in the mail today! There was a little snafu that delayed it a little bit but another BIG thank you goes out to +Vincent Nguyen and +Ewdison Then for really helping make sure that I received it... seriously guys I can't say it enough. I would like to thank Archos as well for providing the tablet... and also another big shout out to +Cory Gunther +Chris Burns and the whole slashgear/androidcommunity crew for keeping guys like me with juicy tech articles to read! Btw this post was written on the archos 70 ;)

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Can the entire country use only ONE starbucks card?

An app programmer by the name of Jonathan Stark seems to think so... he has put his digital starbucks card on the internet for EVERYONE to use! All he asks is that when it gets low and you can spare a few bucks to put them back on the card. I LOVE social experiments, and this is one of the more interesting ones I have seen!

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HP drops the price of the TouchPad $50 making it a more affordable $449. Anybody tempted now?

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HOLY SHIT! Cop car cam captures out of control 18 wheeler wiping out everything in its path DIRECTLY towards the bystanders!! Crazy!! What makes this more awesome is that none of the people were injured... the cars, however, weren't so fortunate.

Off to bed, finally, after a fun night of tech chat with +Keaton Clark. The only problem with hanging out with him is that I go to bed seemingly later and later. lol.

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Thanks goes out to +Vincent Nguyen and the whole SlashGear / AndroidCommunity crew for the giveway... I can't describe how happy I am right now! You guys rock, I finally get to join the tablet club. :D
Congrats to +Anthony Banks - our winner for the 7-inch Archos 70 Internet Tablet Giveaway Please send shoot me an email to vincent @ for details.

Many thanks to Archos for hosting this giveaway and everyone on Google+ for participating in this giveaway.

Original giveaway details here:

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