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Link to my Active Google+ Profile

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So, for those who don't know, the reason why I've been quiet on here is that I've been waiting for the Google+ Migration to Google Apps tool to arrive, so that I can merge this account with my main Google account. That tool is taking much longer than expected to arrive, so I'm going to stop using this account now and switch to my other one. if you wish to circle me there.

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I've just created a page for MRG Web Development. Aren't I modern?

I shall be hosting this week's DigPen hangout in a few minutes. If you want to join but don't see the link, comment on this message and I shall add you.

Ok, anyone from Digpen who has circled me but not been circled back, please leave a comment on this post and I shall add you :-)

Frantically trying to get my circles in some sort of order before 2 o clock so I have all the DigPen lot circled up. Shame I have no idea who most people are!

So I've not been here for a while but thought I'd drop in. Has anyone worked out what this is for/why I'd want to use it yet?

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Why yes, I am using Google+ to bring knowledge of my Double Bed for sale on Gumtree to a wider audience:

Hmmm I'm meant to be giving a presentation on Google+ on Wednesday and I've still not decided what I think it's for or how I should use it. Better start paying more attention...

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