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Only You by 112 Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. And Mase.

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I will try and do this from now on
Learn from kids. Enjoy the journey not just the destination. "The day I stopped saying Hurry Up"

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Silly beans are silly.

Trying to keep it a good day (:

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Something to think about. Like a will for our digital lives.
If you die, what happens to your digital stuff? The Google Inactive Account Manager lets you delegate responsibility for your data after a period of inactivity.

Setting the timeframe is a bit harrowing - you don't want to set it too short, as then it might trigger when you're on a long-ass disconnected vacation. You don't want it too long, because then your delegated recipient is going to get a big wad of emotional snot after they've just about gotten over the whole thing.

Be prepared for surprise emotions when you get to the email part.

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An interesting concept I think I am going to do it
Everyone needs a friend like my friend, +Kevin Kewley.
If you hang around him, you know that something awesome is going to happen.  He's an adventure magnet.  

Proving my point, he took a second long video once a day for a year and put it all together.  I hope you find a friend like Kevin!

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Gotta Love tall buildings

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Meh. Whatever.


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