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Westdoor makes me wish I was good with Fizz...

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When it comes to Jax Top now, would you use thunderlords decree or fervor of battle as a keystone mastery? I used to use fervor of battle because I could stack on minions but since they changed that I feel thunderlords would be stronger early and just as powerful late. (Plus Jax can proc it very easily)
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Thunderlords Decree
Fervor of Battle

If you play Project: Yasuo and don't listen to the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack while playing, then you are playing him wrong.

Ok guys, Jax Jungle with Gusinoo's, Hextech Gunblade and devourer. Don't question it, just do it and see how insane the damage is.

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Unbench the Kench, Unclog the Frog, Unload the Toad, you can say it however you want but I have decided I need to get this champion. I've been playing him a lot during free week and I just do a lot of damage without realizing it. I've been doing well and because I plan to get him I want to know if there are any matchups where he struggles in, just because I'm not exactly pro with him yet.

And remember... You gotta Clench for Kench

So a localization error booted me from my game and I can't get back in, how do I fix this?

Edit: I was able to load back in and win (In series now, f**k yeah), but if this happens again what is an easier way to fix it?

Had to take a 2 week break from League because i had too much work to do, wow i'm rusty.

Anyways, who do you think is the strongest marksmen that will rise in the preseason, I'd have to say Graves or MF. I'm pretty happy with Graves's changes because of how unique he feels now, and that ult on MF is just devastating in a teamfight.

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Group B be like...

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So I've been playing a lot of Diana recently and she is a lot of fun to play. The thing is I've tried a bunch of different builds and summoner spells (always had flash, but rotated between ignite, tp and exhaust). I tried nashors into lich bane (split push and 1v1) and hourglass/Abyssal (depending on lane opponent) into lich bane and ludens (teamfight). But I'm not entirely sure which is best, so I wanted to hear how you guys would normally play her and what you think she benefits from most. Any help is appreciated.
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