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Kriz Rogers
Performing Singer Songwriter/Producer
Performing Singer Songwriter/Producer

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Marilyn's Song - A Living Room Session
A song that I wrote to empower my friend Marilyn and any lady that needs some encouragement after going through any kind of abuse: Marilyn's Song by Kriz Rogers. A Living Room Session. "You're always only one good decision away from living the life you've a...

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A Poem To My Granddaughter
The Poem To My Granddaughter is both a poem and a prayer. I wrote it in Swedish first, to dedicate it to her on her Christianing Ceremony at the church in Jättendal, but here I am posting both the original and the poem translated into English: Den dagen du ...

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I love quotes ...

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On The Chart
Sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself in the arm.  Especially when I find out that my position on the charts is way up there. Recently I reached the #10 spot on the Reverbnation Americana Chart for Nashville! And I know that you who are reading this are...

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I Remember Elvis Presley
The first "taste"of Elvis Presley's music was given to me by my dad.  He gave me a Elvis Presley's Golden Records Volume 3 when I was seven. And I remember where I was when mom and dad told me that Elvis Presley had passed away; we were living in Stocka, in...

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The Creation Of Eddy's Song
Where does a song start? In your heart? In the air? in the
atmosphere?  I believe it is as
unexplainable as trying to hypothesize on what God is all about (although I know
that God is Love).  All I know is that it
starts with a feeling and a thought.  Befor...

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A Friend's Debut At The Grand Ole Opry
My friend Lyn messaged me and said she had one extra ticket to the Saturday Night Opry and asked if I wanted to go with her to see our friend Bronson Bush's Opry debut. It did not take any hesitation at all on my behalf before I said yes!  When we met up at...

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A Mother's Day Poem
                                              A mystery so deep                                               The feelings of a mom                                               They tear and pull a need to keep                                              ...

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A Celebration - One Day Early
What can one do on a gorgeously sunny Saturday before Mother's Day? For starters, cut some vines and small shrubs down along a fence. Then dig a hole in the ground - a rectangular one. Hopefully there will be strawberry plants thriving there eventually. Aft...
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