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War Map - Ultimate Clan Management Tool for Clash of Clans.
- War Map for Clash of Clans is a Clan Management Tool with Lots of Features.It Allows the Clan Leader to Plan the war by assigning primary and secondary targets for the Clan Members,Leaders can add notes,images containing drawings of attack strategy with clan Members,Our Unique Feature allows Easy War Creating Under 5 Seconds!!

【Main features】
-No Signup Required
-Easiest War Creation and Assigning
-Build your Clan by Getting Powerful Troops
-One Click Share to Facebook/Whatsapp/Mail etc..
-and many more

► Easy War Creation - Most Clans Contain Members who are regularly in war,War Map contains a database for storing member names,which removes the tiresome job of adding member names every time a war is started,When Starting the app next time it automatically fills the details of the previous war making it easy to create one with minimal edits.A WarID and Password will be Generated which can be shared to Members

►Smart War Strategies - War Map allows the Clan leader to assign targets based on Strategies Such as Mirror,Bottom Up and Top Down.It also contains feature to enable/disable Secondary attack,add war rules and time.This further simplifies the job of leader.

►Clan Management - Clan Leader can add,edit or remove members from the Clan,It is mandatory to add Clan Members before starting the war

►War Join - Clan Members can join war,View the Primary/Secondary Targets and Choose their Best Attack on both bases respectively.It also allows the clan member to view notes and interact with other members by sending messages.Clan members can analyze the war by progress and get the details and facts in a graph.Members can mark their targets by Clicking 'Mark as my Targets' which displays the target in the Main Page (It is not Subjected to Change when Clan Leader changes it).Clan Leaders can edit targets,reassign a currently assigned base to another player,add or edit notes/images,enable/disable secondary targets

►War Troops - Get the Troops Required for War.This is like a pool where donating clans (feeder clans) or users can donate the required troops for the needy.Clan members can search for their required troop and sent request to the respective clan with the joining message containing passphrase (Passphrase allows the clan to identify members from spies).Clan Members can also add their request and passphrase so the users donating can join your clan and provide necessary supplies

Collaborate With anyone,no matter what type of phone,tablet or pc they use.all they need is an internet connection.Every data is in the cloud

PC,Apple iOS,iPhone/iPad users can Access online - to do these operations on web

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. Clash of Clans icons and images displayed in this Clash of Clans War Guidance App are from the Supercell’s Fan Kit.Clash of Clans is a registered trade mark of Supercell.
For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:

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Ultimate Root Checks
-Device Information
-Recommend Apps for Performance and Battery Improvement
-Tips and Tricks to Make your android phone run faster
Ultimate Root Checks whether your phone/tablet is rooted or not,provides ways to root your phone without pc or with pc
it also shows how you can increase the battery and performance of your device
Ultimate root contains ratings of apps for rooted device,it is classified as Top Apps,Customization Apps,ROM,Hacks which include apps sorted based on their rating

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In development now: Android M, our most powerful release ever, with hundreds of platform improvements. #io15

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#‎Android5‬ .0 #AndroidL #Motorola #Shamu   #nexus6   ‪#‎AndroidLollipop‬ ‪#‎nexus6‬ ‪#‎nexus9‬ ‪#‎shamu‬ ‪#‎motorolanexus6‬ Google Nexus 6 Powered By Android 5.0 Lollipop

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