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Happy #foodfriday Google+! This is a Romanian Cheesecake (Placinta cu Branza) - a light and flavorful dessert from my home country.

If you think any of your #foodie friends might enjoy the recipe (and might invite you over for a bite), share the post with them. And if you think I'll enjoy it, feel free to +1 the post. :)

Update: recipe is available at - enjoy, and let me know how the recipe worked out for you.
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Thank you very much for the compliments, +Natty Netsuwan. Maybe we'll work together on some Romanian-Thai fusion dishes. :)

Sorry I missed the Songkran Festival this year - I've had a blast there in the past years!
This cheesecake looks really delicious. Hope you'll share the recipe soon. You can't have enough cheesecake recipes. :-)
i love that
not for the photography
but because of the subject itself...:)
+Ana Rivera - we traditionally use raisins in Romania. I used cranberries for this recipe. You should be able to use whatever else you want - blueberries sounds like a great idea to me. :)
Sounds great Romanian-Thai fusion! :)

Where would you celebrate Songkran Day? In Thailand or your hometown?
+Natty Netsuwan I live in Los Angeles. There's a pretty large Thai community here, and they have awesome celebrations for Songkran!
+Mr. Benway and everyone - I posted the recipe at, and I updated the post. Enjoy!

+Ana Rivera - please don't forget to substitute the cranberries with blueberries, and let us know how it went. By the way, I'd be a bit worried that the fresh blueberries are a bit more moist than the cranberries/raisins I usually use, which might render your cake a bit more fluid. Suggestions: use dried blueberries, add extra cream of wheat, or present it as a sweet stew or soup. :)
Happy Friday +Liviu Panait! This looks so yummy!! I'll save the recipe to make it one day. Very interesting ingredients with the cream of wheat and phyllo dough.
Happy Friday to you too, +D. DeMonteverde! Let me know how you liked the recipe, if you ever get to prepare it.
+Nina Agi B. - thank you. I think it is lighter than a regular American cheesecake - so I can enjoy more of it... :)
I know what you mean, I'm from Hungary. Probably the recipe is similar. I will try it.
So...... when are we going to eat?
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